2013 Trip 5: Vacation: Maritimes, July 2013

Day 1: Saturday

On the road a little after 6:30am, which is actually pretty good. Heading down East for 2 weeks. We headed to Sherbrooke QC, then crossed into Maine at Woburn.
Filled up on gas just cross the border, and at $3.69 a gallon, which is $1.01 litre, it is much cheaper that the 1:38 we paid a couple of hours previously. The car ahead of us literaly drove across the border, filled up, then drove back, all in the space of about 15 minutes. I asked the gas guy about this and he says it happens all the time. If you save $20 bucks on a fillup a week, and are close enough to cross, it all adds up. It was a great day to drive as it was slightly overcast. No rain at all, which was a bonus. The drive through that uppr part of Maine is lovely. We take the 27/16 all the way down to Skowhagen. Roads are good and the scenery is awesome. Maine truly epitomizes the outdoors...very much an LL Bean kinda state. All sorts of canoes, kayaks, 4 wheelers, hunt and fish camps, the whole gamut. Little wonder considering the easy access to everything.

We stayed at a combo golf course/RV park near a town called Palmyra, on Hwy 2. We made it here from Ottawa in nine hours. I think it was almost 700 Klm. Considering we were towing, stops for gas, a pull over to eat our sandwiches, and in what has become a regular happening, a quick wander through a Walmart Superstore. The Walmart attraction started in the States. Given that many people actually camp overnight in their parking lot, they have quite a good RV section. As we are now attracted to RV stores like moths to a light bulb, when we discovered this little fact about the Walmarts in the States, we started to drop in for a peek as time permits. It was a quick trip through the store, with Dale's broken foot, we figured she was perfectly eligible to use one of the wheelchairs, with the big wire shopping basket on the front. She did head for the electric scooters, but that would have been a total calamity. So, after all this, nine hours is pretty damn
I want to see that...now!
Nice spot, well maintained, it is a golf course after all, nice sites nestled in the trees, perfect for our needs. Backed in and we stayed hitched up as we wanted to pull out early and effortlessly in the morning.
Dinner was very casual, then just relaxed afterwards. I snagged an internet connection and made some overdue updates to the blog. Walked up past the pool and had a nice shower in their spotless comfort station. Washrooms and showers are my benchmark to how a place is run. If you can get these right, the rest usually falls into place.

dine and dash...the guy on the dock is not amused
We will certainly stay here again on a similar road trip this way.


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