2013 Vacation Day 2: Sunday

Up and out relatively early. We first headed to...you guessed it, a Walmart. Dale has a difficult time with the bench seating foam firmness in the Alto, which at night converts to the bed. Her back generally aches in the morning. We purchased a good memory foam topper for the bed at home, and this solved the problem there, but the Alto presents a whole other issue on how to make the bed more comfy.
Although a similar topper would be great, just what do you do with a big slab of heavy foam every morning? At home, it just stays there, in our trailer, we usually take apart the bed and use it for seating again. This is not a problem in trailers where there are actual bedrooms, the foam could stay put. In a pop up or trailer like ours, where the beds do double duty, storage for this thing is a major issue. With a sore back fueling her thoughts to a quick resolution, Dale was eager to look for a memory foam solution, and figure out the storage later. I was not as enthused. Hence the morning destination for us.

Coffee and granola, then we pulled out. Ten minutes later we were in a different Walmart. Hopped in yet another wheelchair and cruised through the aisles to the bedding section. After looking at the memory foam options, all nice and vacuum packed in their deceivingly tiny boxes, Dale eyeballed a memory foam pillow. These were marketed as being shaped for "side sleepers", whatever that meant. To me, it was more like a pillow sized slab. We came up with the idea that three of these might do the trick for her back, and during the day, they would serve as extra cushions. We have been slowly experimenting with removing some furniture pieces from the Alto. First it was the block bolsters used to support the bench back cushions. We never use them, so now they live in the basement. Now we are thinking these new pillows will take the place of the two back cushions at the front of the trailer, and those two would head for the basement. This may work, because it is important in a trailer of this size, if something new comes in, something existing must come out.

Checked out the RV section, and came away with a few items, including a 2-pack of water hose filters, at an excellent price point. A quick look at the pillow solution, before heading out has us convinced this should do the trick. The storage options are more varied with these pillows than having to deal with the slab of foams. 

Filled up with gas, at an even better price, then caught the 95 to past Bangor, then the 9 all the way to Calais. The 9 (formerly called the Airline road) is now a tremendous route to take. Many, many years ago it was little more than a logging road through the bush, now it an updated 2 lane highway with numerous passing lanes. It still offers the great vistas and expanse of wilderness, but with a nicer driving experience. We filled up again, and why not at the price, and were lucky to pull in beside a beautiful 1962 Airstream Flying Cloud. A little larger than a current Bambi, it was in great shape, rich in the iconic look of the classic Airstreams. Dale talked to the woman while her husband was filling their pickup. They purchased it 6 years ago, having never trailered before, but she knew it would have to be an Airstream if they were going to get into camping. Kinda similar to us actually, never trailered, but wanting to do it in something different than the standard boxes.

a real beauty in great shape
Cruised through the border and onto Hwy 1. Another nice drive, this time 4 lane, all the way to Saint John. We always notice how New Brunswick highways are top notch compared to all other provincial highways, and all of their new highways are lined with barely visible fences to keep animals from crossing onto the highways, for their safety and driver's safety.  These add a lot to the cost of building their new highways but are so worth it.  Other provinces should take note.

Went off onto the old highway and stopped for lunch at a classic fish restaurant 'Comeaus' which is well known in these parts, Dale had the best fish chowder she has ever had.  We missed it this time but next trip down we want to pull off the highway earlier and check out some salmon smoker places down by the harbours, one called 'Ozzie's' is supposed to be amazing. As well we stopped at a little roadside place 'MacKay's Blueberries & Pies' stand known for its blueberry products, to pick up a pie for dinner.

Pulled into the site around 3:00. Our site this trip is higher up and closer to overlooking the harbour and the downtown view. Full services, which is great for extended stays. 

Dinner over at Dale's Aunt & Uncle, a classic summer meal of bbq ribs, potato salad, coleslaw and broccolli salad, with blueberry pie for dessert. All very tasty and filling.


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