2013 Vacation Day 3: Monday

Relaxed in the morning, read the paper, then a nice shower at the comfort station. This is a well maintained campsite, most likely because it is part of a large municipal park, and certainly a showcase of what a park can be in the heart of a city. There was a beehive of activity first thing this morning, lots of workers getting things sorted after a busy weekend. The showers and washrooms are spotless, as is the whole park.

Drove out to Dale's cousin Heather's cottage, on the St John river. Part of the drive is an interesting cable ferry across the river. Large ferries that use a cable that runs from shore to shore, to drag themselves back and forth. An interesting concept for short distances like this one. Makes for a relatively peaceful trip, as there is no drone of big diesels humming below deck. Nice afternoon chatting while overlooking the water.


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