2013 Vacation Day 14: Friday...serious R & R

Pounded down the rain again last night, with heavy thunder and lightning, as a big storm rolled right over the Adirondacks. It made for quite a light show in the trailer, with the sound of the rain on the roof, soon followed by the thunderous roar. Although we are very cozy inside, you cannot help but feel for the campers on the ground in tents...storms like this can make for a miserable time.
The water was flowing along the ground through the site towards the lake, creating a number of little rivers. Only able to watch for so long, we went back to sleep. It cleared in the morning, with the rain replaced by a nice refreshing breeze, and the humidity disappeared.

Later in the morning I took a quick trip to the local camp store to get what was needed, and when I got back to our site the sun was fully out so went in for a nice swim. The water was lovely, and although we could tell there was another front blowing in from the west, the sun was out most of the afternoon.  Sat on our beach, did a little reading and enjoyed the strong warm breeze while watching other campers frolicking in the waves. The steady wind, as well as the strong gusts that blew water spray on us from off the lake, was a welcome change to the last hot humid days. As always, a family of ducks makes the rounds of the campers long the shoreline. They are clearly more concerned with the food us humans may have to offer, than whether we are a threat or not. The smaller guys have grown noticeably since we last saw them at the start of the month.

Towards evening, we could see a massive black clouds coming at us from across the water. The wind started up and the temperature dropped fast. Lots of activity amongst the campers battening down the hatches mode as we all soon realized we were in for something a little wild. This is the time we miss having internet to check out the weather radar to see what systems are coming our way.  We turned on the Tupper Lake Classic Rock 105 radio station and got a brief forecast that told us another storm was coming.  The sky got black, the wind howled and trees limbs were blowing every which way.  Some severe gusts got us thinking that we might be wise to lower the roof as things were getting a little hairy. Once lowered, the Alto felt more secure to us in the high winds. We waited out the storm and the rain, and it blew over us pretty quickly.
fast approaching, heading right at us and getting real dark
clouds going in every which direction
the far edge
storm passed...now some sun
We have heard from other campers that some trees fell down on other sites, hopefully causing no damage.  Campers told us that they heard another storm was coming our way overnight, but it was mild compared to the earlier storms.

Overall it was the perfect last day of our holidays, doing nothing except for relaxing on our beach and catching up on reading.  A stellar day, with a bit of excitement at the end.


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