2013 vacation Day 9: Sunday...a family BBQ

In the morning headed into local town Tantallon to pick up a few items for the BBQ. We took the shore road and the views were much better than a few days ago when the bay was socked in with fog.
A really nice little drive, with a few public beaches that were already busy with sun seekers.

On the way back, we saw a guy that was selling home made washer toss games from his house. As we were already planning to make one, we thought this was a much better easier option. For $30, we got a nice stained wood version of the two washer toss boxes, with painted washers and even a wood scoring board. They were also tied together with cord, which stretches out to the correct separation for the boxes while playing.  He even gave us tips on how to play the game which we were foggy on since we had not played since our last trip to PEI. Am sure our neighbours Steve and Janine at home will be thrilled to see this game since they were also a huge fan of it when we last camped together in PEI.

We took advantage of the laudrymat and did a quick wash. As there is a fair amount of shade coming from the trees around us, we took down the awning, which gave us more options to move around the picnic tables for everyone to sit at. We are lucky that this was planned for Sunday, as the hordes of campers have already hitched up and have left, giving us room to spread out and so much more open area to enjoy. Everyone started to arrive after 2:00, it was just a small group of all Dale's Halifax area aunts and uncles and Dale's cousin Lynn. We started with snacks and drinks while visiting and then fired up the Q and we cooked up bunch of chicken thighs. Dale's aunts made and brought all the salads and pan-rolls, and brought homemade brownies, fudge and fruit for dessert.
The weather was fabulous, so a few wandered down to the beach to check it out. It was nice being able to get together and visit on such a wonderful day, and a chance to see
them again before leaving.


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