2016 Trip 6: the weekend was just ducky...

Bonnechere PP - July 2016

It has been stinking hot all week, seriously hot. The sun starts to cook you if you are out in it too long. The humidity is adding a whole other level of uncomfortable to the equation and throw in the occasional thunderstorm, it made for quite a week.  All this made us really look forward to getting out of Dodge for the weekend.

Picked Dale up at work at 5:00, and we were on the road. Still hot and humid today, but the heavy overcast and passing rains have kept the temps just a tad lower than the past week. A dandy cloudburst rolled through just as I was about to pull out, so Barley and I just chilled until it passed. Slow going on the road, and we drove in and out of pockets of showers the whole trip.

Fair amount of traffic, and as usual, when there is a line of traffic, even though it is moving along quite nicely, there will always be the clowns that absolutely need to get by everyone. We had two notables this drive. One moron passed a couple of cars at the very end of a passing lane, on the right hand side! He ran out of lane, and completed his maneuvre using the shoulder, forcing the rest of us to brake to give him room to get in. The second clown was a Harley rider, who blew by me at reckless speed, and had just enough room to squeeze in ahead of me, narrowly avoiding becoming a messy hood ornament. Those bikes can scare the hell out of you, that loud two cylinder rumble is assaulting your eardrums before you even know it. His bobbing and weaving must have caused his sunglasses to catch some air, as the next thing you know, a pair of bright orange rimmed sunglasses are airborne, and in a moment of beautiful karma, are now directly in my path. Not saying I aimed for them, but also not saying I tried to avoid them. What goes around, comes around.

Fortunately the rain abated to a light drizzle by the time we arrived at the campground, and we were soon backed into what might well be the best spot on the river loop. Same as last year, this site is simply awesome.

2016 Trip 5: sun, sand & fireworks!

Driftwood PP - July 2016

Canada Day long weekend, and actually, an extra long weekend when you add a day on. Friday is the holiday, so we added on the Thursday and headed out Wednesday night.

The Wednesday leaving almost did not happen. We made the booking many months ago, as is required to get a waterfront site at this campground, we knew we were adding a day, but it was not until just last week when I was reviewing our summer bookings, that I noticed I had not booked the Wed evening. Driftwood is within the range of what we call our normal weekend circle of travel so there was no reason why the evening would not have been booked...but understandably forgotten, given that these reservations are made at 7:00am in the morning in the dead of winter. So in a fit of panic, I immediately logged into the Parks reservation site to see what was available for the Wed evening. Lo and behold, the site we had booked for the weekend was available, so I snapped it up right away. Talk about bullshit luck. This year has been particularly difficult to get reservations, so to have the exact one we needed be free, was most surprising.

We dropped Dale off at work in the morning this time, as President Obama is in town today, and the downtown core will be pretty much closed off. We figured it would just be easier for me to scoot home after work and then pick Dale up along the way out of the city. It was actually pretty quiet in the core today, so it looks like many civil servants either took the day off or just stayed home and worked.

Nice to get out a day early, as the highway was very quiet. Driftwood is farther than we think. We generally say it is a good two hours, but in reality, by the time you get out of the city and on the road, it takes close to three hours in reality. Not many at the campground, which not surprising, but I think tomorrow night will be a different story. We are on the same site as last year, and it is a dandy. This one has more sunlight on it, which really help the solar keep the battery topped up. We are able to angle the Alto so it looks right out over the bay and down the river. Facing almost due west, nice sunsets are pretty much a guarantee. As is our routine, we shared a sandwich on the road, so we were straight into relax mode once the chairs came out.