2013 Vacation Day 4: Tuesday

Headed downtown this morning to wander around a bit. Very old historic centre of town, and it is interesting to see the older architecture. In the afternoon we went over to Dale's Aunt & Uncle for another visit. Don and I headed back downtown to the City Market to pick up some fish for dinner. I also wanted to get some of the amazing smoked salmon they also sell. We had some of this last time we were here and it is possibly the best I've ever had. They have a dry version as well as a more moist, slightly oily type. The flavour from the oily version is very intense. I bought a bunch of it to take home, I have a pasta recipe that it would be perfect in. We then headed for a bit of a road tour, out around an area called Red Head. This is past the huge Irving refinery, a massive complex capable of producing 300,000 barrels of fuel a day. It is quite the complex.  The road we traveled follows the shoreline, and over the years, the sea has eroded the shoreline so much that it some places the houses have fallen into the water, or had to be torn down a their demise by erosion was imminent.

Dinner consisted of the haddock fish cakes we purchased at the market, as well as baked beans and fried eggs. A classic Maritime meal, and very tasty. Back at the site, it has gotten cooler in the evenings, but no rain has happened, which they have been calling for all week. Tomorrow we head to our next site at Hubbards Beach in Nova Scotia.   


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