As you can see, we track a few stats on our yearly adventures. Helps us understand the costs, as well as how far we have traveled.

Site Fees$2069$2124$2051$14,379
Fuel Costs$1230$905$1217$9058
Total Costs$3179$3029$3268$20,169
Distance (Klm)73165349868449,652
Avg Klm per Ltr5.
Avg Ltr per 100 Klm17.317.517.817.7
Avg Gas Cost per Ltr$0.97$0.97$0.79$1.04

Site Fees$1497$1558$1525$1863$1692
Fuel Costs$946$1514$1076$1459$712
Total Costs$2443$3072$2601$3249$2232
Distance (Klm)52636985565269153488
Avg Klm per Ltr5.
Avg Ltr per 100 Klm18.918.116.618.117.5
Avg Gas Cost per Ltr$0.95$1.20$1.14$1.17$1.17


  1. I note that you often travel with kayaks on the roof of your vehicle. Have you compared fuel consumption while towing the Alto with and without the kayaks?

    John (Alto on order)

  2. Hi John,

    I had a quick look at the spreadsheet I maintain to track this stuff, and on the trips where we have the kayaks, there is no noticeable spike in the gas consumption when the kayaks are with us. They ride so smoothly up there, we sometimes forget they are along for the ride.

    Which Alto did you order? I bet you can hardly wait to get it. If you have any questions, or just want to chat about the Alto, post a comment with your email address, which will remain private, and we can communicate a little easier that way. Would be great to hear from you.


  3. In looking at your spreadsheet I noted that in 2012 you attained your best mpg/klm overall. What do you attribute this to? Less weight? Higher avg travel speed? Or something completely different? I

  4. I cannot really attribute this reduced consumption to any one thing. One factor could be the amount of distance traveled without the Alto. If we do a lot of exploring after we have unhitched the Alto and set up camp, this distance is also included in the calculation, and we certainly use less gas during this time. This could skew the numbers a bit. So many factors impact your gas mileage, the terrain, road wind, a/c on a hot day, etc, I think there is really very little you can do to improve your mileage figures in any significant way. It is what it is.


  5. Hi Jim -

    I ordered an Alto 1723 for delivery in 2016 (you read right). I've been reading through your blog and I know you have photos of your tow vehicle - and call it SF. Could you simply say what you use for towing? Do you feel the vehicle is adequate? Have you towed over long steep passes? Thanks for the Blog, the tidbits you include are helpful.

  6. Hi Bruce,

    As I mentioned in my email, we tow with a Hyundai Santa Fe, and are very pleased with it. Lots of power and it tows the Alto effortlessly. Great that you have placed an order, you will not regret it.


  7. Just tripped over your blog and love it. A few weeks ago, I discovered the Alto when googling travel trailers and am fascinated by the design and features. I've talked my husband into a road trip to Quebec City on Thanksgiving weekend so we can visit the Safari Condo showroom in St. Nicholas. We'll be looking at the Alto models and, I hope, will be ordering one. Delivery in 2017 fits ok our retirement planning schedule. We'll need a new towing vehicle by then too. Our Sienna is 10 years old with a lot of miles. Good to hear you like the Hyundai Sante Fe as that's our list to look at too. Thanks for sharing your experiences. BTW, we're in Ottawa too.

  8. Hi Donna,
    Glad you are enjoying our blog, the Alto truly is a unique and fabulous camper. As you can probably tell, we still get excited every time we are out in it. So cool that you are heading to see one. If you wanted to have a peek at ours beforehand, you are more than welcome to. Leave another comment here with your email address and I will drop you a line.


  9. Hi Jim,

    Was hoping you could help. I've found a Alto 1723 in the US for sale that was made in 2015. Unable to locate on internet the base price for a 1723 for CY 2015. Any advice?

  10. Hi Tony,
    I have nothing regarding prices, but I would suggest if you are on Facebook, perhaps join the Altoistes group and pose the question.