Our Eats!

We have been taking pictures of our camping meals for years now, and they always seem to make it into our posts...along with the occasional G & T and a few cans of assorted beer. We thought it would be cool to gather all our foodie pictures in one spot, perhaps throw in a bit of explanation, and keep growing the photos as we camp. Another motivation is it will help us with meal ideas for future trips. Amazing what one can forget over time...

the Dale G & T...simply a classic!
Hydro Flask Pint Glasses...work great!

saw these in a North Carolina grocery store and just had to take a photo
the grill sheet test
hard to beat for a simple meal

great local corn

a quick snack by the waters edge

love a good burger...does anything else say summer as well...

B.C. Salmon Rub. a great product, sweet, with a hint of heat

grilled olive oil tossed baby potatoes with salt & pepper....mmmm

bacon cheddar sausages with greek pasta salad

2016 starting off the season the right way....


coated with a rub called BC Salmon Rub. Brown sugar based, with a nice kick of heat.

plated with a nice arugula, quinoa  & feta salad

simple and quick...

a repeat...must have been good!

nice flavour

Glebe Meat Market chicken kabobs. great chunks of chicken wrapped in yummy bacon.

a fajita stir-fry. I recall this was a rainy ugly evening, so we changed the plan from a BBQ meal to a stir fry

Brum's...an Ottawa Valley dairy. Rich and creamy. I remember stopping at the Union Star Cheese Factory outside of Douglas on the way up to our cottage. We would pick up a bag of super fresh squeaky cheese curds, and a pint of this stuff.  It would be gone in a flash...sooooo good!

a serious slash of bacon n the grill

OK...I admit it...this was staged.

za on the Q. we have since ditched using the griddle tray and plop them right on the grill. low and slow.

really...who doesn't love a good pickled egg???

doggies on the Q...all dressed and washed down with a nice Sleeman's draught

rib steak and basket tossed potatoes

definitely hoppy

double smoked salmon, with ciabatta and cream cheese. it was a great little snack on an otherwise dull cloudy day

chunks of chicken on a pesto base

mushrooms & onions tried with a little olive oil & balsamic, pesto base, then brie slices melted on top

there are more and more seriously bizarre beer cans out there now. some are quite the adventure to read

perhaps our favourite...rib steak with roquefort butter

sliced strip loin, bed of onions & mushrooms fried with dijon mustard, laid out on a toasted ciabatta bun

pesto base, roasted red peppers, chorizo sausage

tunes...and a Mill St.

Barking Squirrel Lager...the squirrel was doing more than barking in that beer

a nice place setting...other than that plastic container of whatever is in there.

love the Brum's...I buy it whenever I see it!

my steak looks bigger than Dale's head!

can't really remember what was on this salmon

another repeat...

salmon with a mayo based garlic dijon sauce

and of course, a classic burger...with what looks like a deli salad

stir fry veggies with goats cheese and Ted Reader bone dust rub. Check that guy out, he's all about the BBQ

in the top 2 fish and chips we have ever eaten...little place in PEI, near Stanhope N.P. right on the wharf. simply unbelievably good

if you are ever in PEI...this is a must visit!!!

home made PEI blueberry pie...massive, and massively good


  1. Jim , you should have Dale select the steaks in the future. Quite the selection of beers . I have been reading and reading . What a good bunch of Alto owners that are sharing their knowledge. Enjoy your winter you two. Rob & Sherry

    1. I'm not sure she would be able to tear that task away from me...or even want to:)
      Wandering the LCBO beer fridge is a job before any weekend away.