2013 Vacation Day 7: Friday...and then there were millions

Today we headed to the Annapolis valley, around Windsor to be specific, to visit another of Dale's aunts, Bernice and her family. Dale's cousin Brian was there when we arrived and offered to drive us around all the area to visit all her cousins.
They filled us in with all the changes that have taken place since Dale visited there as a child.  Caught up with pretty much all the family, and were even able to walk through the family cemetary, as Dale wanted to photograph headstones for her ancestry research.

They also brought us to a new local winery 'Avondale Sky Winery' whose main wine tasting building is an old church which was moved to the winery location by barge 42 km from up the Avon River.  The Avon river is a tidal river so during the move the church had to be stopped to wait for high tide to be able to progress to the winery destination, which took days.  The move of the church was filmed and televised since it was such a feat to move and have it be set-up up at the winery in perfect shape.
We tasted one of their new appellation white wines called 'Tidal Bay' and bought a bottle to take away with us. Very nice afternoon and were glad that all my cousins were able to take the time to meet up with us. From there we made another run into Halifax to have dinner with Betty & Bubby. A nice feed of pan-fried fish, fish chowder, delicious lemon pie and good conversation made for a good end to the day.

A very nice sunset over the little harbour on the way back, so we took a couple of pics.

When we left early this morning, there were a few trailers around us, but not many. In the evening when we
arrived back to our site it was jammed packed. Really jammed. Big rigs and people everywhere. We have been in many campgrounds over the years, but nothing comes close to how tight they pack them in here. The only thing missing was the asphalt and the yellow lines. I think if I stretched real hard I could reach out a window and touch any trailer around us.
we are in here somewhere
real cozy
Lots of fun going on around us, some playing 'washers' a throw toss game very popular in the Maritimes.


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