2013 Vacation Day 5: Wednesday...welcome to Sardinia.

Packed up and on the road around 10:00. Not our normal early start, but we have settled into vacation mindset and have been poking along somewhat. Nice drive down to Nova Scotia, as it will be mostly 4 lane all the way, but not the crazy 401 type of drive. Very scenic, as the highway winds up and over the country side, offering some great vistas.
Pulled in beside this nice Airstream rig at the Nova Scotia tourist information centre. A beautiful trailer, as most all of them are. Notice though what is needed to haul one of these babies...tons of power to pull what is easily 7000lbs.

gobs of torque...gallons of gas
not your normal hitch set up, serious weight distribution going on. never seen an Airstream towed with anything other than this type of hitch 
For travellers to the province, this is a must stop as it is an excellent resource for vacationers. Try to listen to the bagpiper that plays outside, as it will put you in the correct down east frame of mind. A fabulous tradition that has been here for decades.

Stopped at the Masstown Market, naturally in Masstown, just past the border into Nova Scotia which has a nice food market as well as an excellent fish & chips place.  The fish was freshly caught that day, lightly battered, perfectly cooked, with a side of coleslaw and tarter. Very tasty and huge portions. We ate half for lunch and saved the rest for dinner. Picked up a few bakery items like Dale's favourite Maritime 'soft-sided pan rolls',then headed out again.

where better to get fish & chips then right off the boat

very gooooood...awesome cute wooden utensils
Made our way to Hubbards Beach Campground. An older spot, with mostly seasonal trailers. Lots of seasonals. I don't think we have seen trailers packed in so tight, literally their decks are right up against the trailer beside them. Packed tight like sardines. It certainly is a popular place given the numbers here though. Regular spots are tight as well, but we were able to find a reasonable sized site.

A few other trailers rolled in, so by the weekend, we think it will be pretty full. The campground's ocean beach is supposed to be spectacular and one of the best in the region which we plan to check out.


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