2013 Vacation Day 8: Saturday...a blissful St Margaret's Bay day

Over to Don & Lynn's new home, which is right on the bay. Great views of the water, and they have a big dock extending out over the water. They had a lovely lunch for us on their deck, then we headed out in their boat for a tour of the bay.
The bay is quite large, with many smaller bays and coves to explore. Could not have been more perfect day, the weather was amazing, full sun, blue sky and temperature around 30 degrees. A nice breeze helped make it not too hot, just right.

Lynn and I went for a quick swim, the water was quite nice, well at least the top 3 feet. It was quite chilly and refreshing if you dropped your feet straight down, pretty amazing the difference in temperature. Always enjoy the salty taste of the water, it is so different from lake water.  It was so nice of Don and Lynn to treat us to this special memorable afternoon...

Headed back to our campsite in the late afternoon, Krista & Angelo and the boys arrived for a casual bbq
dinner. We made one of our favourite recipes, salmon with mustard mayo and capers. It was quite nice grilled on the BBQ with orange cranberry rice dish was the side. Krista brought a salad and homemade strawberry/rhubarb pie for dessert.  Nice evening catching up together...


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