2017 Trip 9: the boys weekend...redux

Trip 9: Bonnechere PP

It's that time again...the boys weekend. Although it does coincide with Dale's girls weekend, Barley and I have come to think of it as our little get-away. If you are going to be hanging out, why not snag a favourite site in the park. One advantage of post Labour Day camping is that it is much easier to  get sites, as the demand really drops off.

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2017 Trip 8: chillin' in the Adirondacks

Trip 8: Rollins Pond

Another extra long weekend, and another trip to a favourite, Rollins Pond. Headed out Wed after work, and our first stop was the Ogdensburg Walmart. It makes so much sense in so many ways. Gives us a head start on the travel, loading up on supplies there, and at the grocery store across the street. There is generally a trip to the UPS store as well, to pick up some online ordered goodies.

The parking lot was busy with a couple of semi's, a class B, and a big DuPont transport with some sort of chemical hauling trailer. We had a quick chat with the guy driving the rig, and he inquired whether it was a safe spot to stop. We told him our experiences, and he thanked us for the info. Soon afterwards he was joined by two other identical haulers, and it was the three of them and little ole us, all side by side.

By the time we rose in the morning, they were gone. We must have been deep into la la land, as we did not hear those three big Peterbilts start up and pull away. Coffee was made and then we headed out as well. Groceries were gotten, parcels picked up, and we were off. Very overcast Thursday, but no rain. After our usual stops in the town of Tupper Lake, one an 'old school' hardware store, we got to our site around 1:00pm.

Our site sucks...but we knew that going in. Once again last fall we got totally discombobulated by the longer NY State reservation window, and this site was all we could grab. It is one of those run off sites, where all the rain water flows through to get to the lake. We ended up closer to the road, trading off some partial sun which would have benefited our solar panels, for the only bit of level ground on the site.