2013 Vacation Day 12: Wednesday...relaxing and exploring

Serious chillin' this morning, as it is one of the few mornings where the plan is actually no plan. Worked a little on the blog, a nice shower to freshen up, then we headed into Bar Harbour.
Dropped into a really good hardware store, which has become one of our spots to seek out, to pick up a few odds and sods. We then headed over to a funky little coffee house for a bite to eat and to connect to their wi-fi. Great little spot, lots of people roaming in and out, awesome NY style bagel with cream cheese, and we got caught up on our email and blog.

We then drove over to Southwest Harbour, in search of an authentic little town. Nice drive along the way, and sure enough, a non-tourist trap town. Really quaint much smaller town, with a good mix of local shops and artists.
Discovered an amazing little deli called 'Sawyers Fine Foods', and I mean simply amazing. A little bit of everything, and top notch all the way. Excellent deli section, homemade salads, a seafood section, olive oils and balsamics, wines, beers, a cornicopia of all things wonderful for the foodie.

Fine oils & balsamics as far as the eye can see...

Kicking Horse Coffee...a touch of BC, Canada
We had intended to find a good spot to eat, but upon finding this place, we assembled our own dinner from their amazing deli choices. Does curry chicken with raisins, orzo salad with sun dried tomatoes and olives, and rotini with chicken, bacon and ranch dressing sound appealing...it sure did to us. Instant cool dinner on a warm summer day.
Southwest Harbour
Made our way back to the campsite and drove down to the public beach. Not really too beach-like, more fine gravel.

We got things organized to head out early in the morning, then had a G&T and our deli dinner.
a very tasty snack combo, but crazy expensive
No WRX, but a Suby just the same
A really nice family pulled in beside us, very friendly and we had a nice chat. They have 3 children, who were soon enjoying the outdoors. It is so nice to see families camping together. There is so much that camping has to offer. The natural exploration that kids do, the sights and smells of the outdoors, the bonding while all helping together as a family to set-up the camp and the inevitable campfire. Valuable stuff, and time well spent away from life in the city and enjoying nature.


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