Now this should be standard...

We installed an extra electrical outlet on the door side of the Alto.  There is no existing outlet there, and we found last year that when powering the TV, the AC adaptor cord had to be stretched across the trailer to the other side, just waiting to be tripped over, which it was a few times.  There is a perfect spot for an outlet on the back wall of the toilet enclosure.  It was installed up high, and the AC adaptor, or anything else, can be plugged right in.  I carefully measured where the outlet box was to go, as well as the sizing.  This is truly a one shot deal, no room for error. I drilled a couple of pilot holes on the corners, then drew an outline of the box.  Drilled some larger holes in each corner where the box is to go, then using a fine toothed hacksaw, connected the holes. Some minor adjustments, and the box fit perfectly.  Then I drilled a hole below for the electrical wire to feed through, with a grommet clamp to protect the cable. The power was tapped off the outside outlet, which is on a seperate circuit and rarely used. As you can see, it looks like it was always there.


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