2010 Vacation Day 9 - A reel or a jig?

Started off the morning with a breakfast of steak and eggs, and some fried potatos. Yummy. Low key morning, did a load of laundry, worked on this blog, and showed a few other campers the Alto. Apparently there is a resort nearby that does not mind people utilizing their wifi, so I went over there to do some blog posts and to check the email. Dale walked down to the beach to check it out while I blogged. Really nice resort, and they did not mind me sitting in the lobby while I connected. Ended up talking to the owner, as he wandered over to say hello. Nice guy, and we spoke for a while.

Lined up a sea kayak expedition in North Rustico for tomorrow afternoon, made some lunch, then wandered down to the beach. Pretty windy and a little cold. I waded into the surf and found the water surprisingly warm. Not the greatest beach for swimming today, as the churning surf has stirred up all sorts of crap in the water. Lots of rocks just off the shore, but once past them, there is a wide sandbar that becomes quite shallow. Picked up the book and read a few chapters. The sand here is excellent for sand castles, and Janine quickly started into creating a cat (like her Normie).

Janine's cat turned out super realistic, curled up basking in the sun with whiskers of seaweed.
I started work on a miniature Alto.

Made up some pre-dinner G&T's. Dinner tonight is haddock, rice and grilled veggies, a meal that Steve and Janine are creating. The fish, pan fried in butter, was quite tasty. Dale and I then headed into a ceilidh in Brackley Beach. A local fiddler, Cynthia MacLeod, holds one every Monday night. She has been fiddling since very young. this is the same girl on the CD we bought a couple of days ago to listen to in the car. She had a guy on an acoustic guitar who also sang a few songs, as well as a saxophone player, Todd McLean who was also talented at 'spoons' who joined in. They played for over 2 hours and put on a great show. She, and the others who did step dancing, were very good.

Amazing full moon on the way home that looks pretty cool through the cloud cover. We stopped and attempted a few photos, but the memory turned out much better.


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