2010 Vacation Day 4 - Fog, fog and more fog...

Rained all night. Very damp and clammy this morning, but nothing the heatpump cannot cure. Got us dried out and toasy warm in no time. After getting squared away with the morning neccessities, I went up to the comfort station for a shower, while Dale braved the fog and utilized the outdoor shower again.
Drove downtown, which was really only a short hop across Hwy 1 from where we are camping. This campsite is very convieniently located to most everything, a great spot for campers visiting the city.  Wandered around the downtown area.  there is an excellent indoor market called The City Market, in the heart of downtown. A mix of farmers market, food shops and assorted cafes. All housed in a very old building, which was apparently built by the shipbuilders during the winter months. The roof has a nautical look to it, which is little wonder considering the builders. This is a great spot. Had a quick bite at the fish monger place. Dale had a  chowder, and I had an excellent smoked salmon sandwich, actually served in a pan roll. The smoked salmon was excellent.

Some big cruise ships in at the moment, huge shapes that loomed massively through the fog, dominating the edge of the harbour. Lots of people from the ships checking out the sites. One of the ships was out of New York, pretty easy to spot those cruisers. Most be great for tourism and the local economy. The downtown is really well kept. Lots of planters and flowers, very clean, and lots of volunteer greeters to help the tourists.

 "where is that tour bus???"

 coffee is very big here...

 Wandered into a neat camera store, located in an old building near the city Market. Pretty well stocked store, photolab in the back, and it was an Apple dealer. They were into some audio gear as well, and this immediately caught our eye...

A Tivoli PAL radio. Weatherproof, AM/FM, rechargeable, 12 volt and with an iPod input. Most importantly, the colour is stylin! Perfect for the Alto. On sale as well, we walked out with it. In an earlier post we talked about using DVD's for music, but the sound coming out of this little guy is surprisingly excellent for its size. A much better solution, and we get radio as well, which is great for weather and local news, wherever we may be.

Drove over to Catherine and Don's in the afternoon for a visit, then Heather arrived and we drove out to Penfield, to a place renowned for its blueberry shortcakes. This place was all about blueberries, wild down east blueberries, which are truly the best. There are blueberries everywhere, boxes upon boxes of them, jams, jellies, pies, and the famous shortcakes with real whipping cream. They were indeed excellent. Bought some pies, with lard pastry, classic, as well as some of the jams.

 All this going on in an old roadside building that has been there for decades. On a Tuesday afternoon, the place was busy, and it is crazy busy on the weekends. Picked up some chinese food for a casual no fuss dinner, then headed back to camp.

Today was all about the fog...all day long. At times I thought it was raining, but it was just the fog, a fine wet mist. It got a little brighter in the middle of the afternoon, but in the evening it was thick again. Cut with a knife thick. Boy, there is nothing like heavy fog to make things creepy and spooky. It shrouds everything. Forget about seeing very far ahead of you, just concentrate on those lines on the road. Driving up the big bridge over the harbour was like driving into a cloud...the road just disappeared up into the sky. I am not good with bridges at the best of times...white knuckles on the wheel this evening.


  1. Hi! Great pics.. and cool little radio!

  2. it is a dandy radio...and the sound is great!