2010 Vacation Day 6 - The boards were fast...

The day started out rather overcast and cool. Slept in a bit, then got the coffee going. Breakfast was Nova Scotia peaches, granola and yogurt...very yummy. Poked around outside a bit, then we wandered over to check out the crokinole boards we heard about around the campfire.
Blois and Lawson were only too pleased to show us how to play. After getting everything set up and level, we sat down to play. After some instruction and practice, we started to play. I played Blois, and regardless of the fine instruction he was providing, he was clearly not breaking a sweat with me. It was also very clear that whenever I had what may have been a well placed shot, he easily elevated his game and negated my advantage.

Centering the chip counts for 20 points, and numerous times, Blois's centered chips, stacked seperately for scoring, easily loomed above the edge of the board. The game and strategy is very much like curling, big difference is that you must hit an opponents chip if there is one somewhere in play, otherwise you are free to try for the centre. A lot of the lingo is the same as well, raised shots, takeouts, having the hammer.

Janine leans into one...

These guys were good, and little wonder, remember, they just played each other to determine the provincial champion. We all played a number of games and had a blast.

We then played some doubles games, which was really fun. We ended the crokinole playing with a provincial matchup, PEI vs Ontario, and, we quickly got our asses whipped. We can now attest to the fact that indeed, the boards are fast...

this makes the boards fast...very fast!

The boys then haul out another game. Washer Toss. Two shallow wooden boxes, probably 14-16 inches square, a 4" PVC pipe centered in the box, both placed about 15 feet apart. The washers were about 2" across.

 Scoring goes, 3 points for a washer in the centre pipe, 2 points for in the box, and 1 point for within a washer width of the box. The play is kinda like horseshoes. Of course, they both have their own setups, so both got set up and everyone played. A fun game indeed. We faired slightly better at this, but only slightly. When the games were over, it was time for a swim.

Grabbed a quick bite, then headed to the beach. Took the shortcut along the edge of the bay, Blois and Lawson were already out in the bay digging up clams for dinner. The beach was great yet again, not busy at all. The water may have been a tad cooler, but nice once fully in. Brought our trusty noodles, perfect for floating in the sea, and avoiding those aggressive little blue crabs. Floated there for the longest time, watching the goings on. Read a bit, got dried off in the sun, then headed to the little beach takeout for an ice cream. That was the sum of the day. A very "on vacation" day. Decided to check out a recommended restaurant in Murrays Harbour called Brehaut's for dinner.

 We have a craving for something from the sea. It was a nice half hour drive along the rural roads. One thing you notice driving the backroads, is the number of fishing boats that are dry docks in peoples yards and fields. This may be a byproduct of the downturn in the fish stocks around PEI. Hopefully some day soon they will see water again. A lot of these boats look to be in good shape, certainly not the neglected hulls you sometimes see. Brehaut's looks to be located in an old home with a big wraparound porch. Classic, almost diner like menu, with many forms of seafood, as well as burgers and sandwiches. I opted for the fish and chips, while Dale mixed it up with a cup of chowder, a single of fish and two scoops of potato salad. All was excellent.


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