2010 Vacation Day 8 - Fox 1 Crocs 0

Up early to get a start on the packing up. Poked away at it between cups of coffee. Apple crisp for breakfast, which we did not have room to eat last night. Went over to say goodbye to our crokinole friends. Steve brought his banjo to sing a little ditty he wrote about our new friends, which summed up our crokinole experience quite humourously. Such nice people.
Louise had brought out some home made sticky buns in anticipation of our visit. They were awesome. The sticky part was in interesting twist... butter, brown sugar and a package of butterscotch pudding mix. Very sticky and tasty indeed. Got hitched up, did the dump thing, then headed out, underway about 11:30. Drove a cross country route to Stanhope. Stopped to take a few pics in St Peters Bay, and went into a few little shops. Bought a CD of a local fiddle artist, as we felt we needed some topical tunes. While we were stopped at the lookout, there was a group of people who turned out to be from Taiwan. We spoke with them, and even though their english was very basic, we found out they are here for 2 months, helping the monks in a monastary near Montague with some financial stuff. That was the sum of what we could understand. They were very happy to speak with us, offering us a portion of their picnic. We accepted a couple of bananas, thanked them and got on our way.

As we rolled through a succession of little towns, in search of somewhere to do some grocery shopping, we quickly realized we should have done it in Montague. There is nothing around at all. Pulled into Stanhope around 2:30. we sort of dilly dallied along, it is not that long a trip. The campsite is nicely wooded, although not heavily. Privacy between sites is moderate. Our site is once again beside Steve and Janine. Not a bad site, although it could be a little deeper. we backed the Alto in right up against a wall of spruce trees, placement partly a factor of the site itself. Got set up, and put the awning up right away as the sun is pretty strong. Steve and Janine returned and told us the only spot to get groceries is Charlottetown, which is a drag as we had hoped for a closer town. We needed a few things, so we made the trek, about 1/2 an hour. Got a little lost on the way home, attempting a shortcut, isn't that always the way.

Fired up rib eyes with roquefort butter on the Q, with a side of ceasar. A G&T started the process of course.

The four of us sat around and finished a bottle of red, then had a slice of our blueberry pie. It was excellent, but nothing beats a warm pie out of the oven. A little leftover steak means steak and eggs for breakfast tomorrow.

Stepped outside to tidy up a bit before heading to bed, went to slip on my Crocs, and discovered one missing. What? Perhaps it had blown away...scouted the area around the door, nothing. Janine noticed I was looking for something and came over. She right away thought a fox had taken it, as this had happened to her before, and she finally found her shoe quite a distance away. This may also explain the wayward flipflop that is near a tree on our site. Looked through the field, pretty dark out now, so our headlamps are coming in handy. Met a woman coming back from the comfort station saying she had seen a fox about an hour ago, so the fox theory may well be right. Janine found the Croc, sitting alone and chewed, off to the side of the field. The strap was totally chewed off, with only a useless little stub surviving. There were tiny little teeth marks everywhere. So we are now all in the field, in the dark, totally laughing at the escapades of this fox.

The sounds of the evening are great... the breakers on the beach, the wind, the rustle of the spruces against the Alto, all combining to lull you to sleep.

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  1. Wow! Talk about variety...pursued by blue crabs, campfire songs, crokinole, blueberry pies and a croc chewing fox!

    What a hoot...........