2010 Vacation Day 10 - Where's my life jacket?

Woke up early, so we both headed for a shower to beat the late risers. Not too windy this morning, we think we may have lucked out on a good day for a paddle. Dale and I walked along the beach for a long ways, taking pictures and looking for beach glass. I found a piece that is clearly from a beer bottle, part of the top. It is well worn and smooth from the abrasion of the sand, but still the top of a beer bottle.
Lots of interesting patterns in the sand from the rocks and the waves. Breakfast this morning is left over fish, potatos and eggs. Very nice. Our neighbour Stan, across the road, has a new Safari Condo van, and he walked over this morning with a few questions. As the Alto and the vans share a lot of hardware, he had some questions on the water system and water heater. I showed him how to work a bunch of stuff, but still seemed a little hesitant. Soon it will be second nature for him.

Headed out about 11:30 for North Rustico, where our kayak tour company resides. Nice drive through the countryside, lot to see. North Rustico seems like a going concern. Lot of little shops, a grocery store, bunch of little spots to eat, a working harbour. Although it was good to see the grocery store, it would have been nice to know it was there before the teenagers manning the camp office had sent us off packing for Charlottetown. Seems like every question one asks them elicits the same response... "In Charlottetown". This would have been a much closer destination.

Got signed in at the kayak place, seems we will be a group of 7, with 2 guides. All of us will be in doubles, which is really preferable on the sea as they are extremely stable in the rolling waves. Headed out, the waves are just rolling, not rough at all. We have indeed been lucky as the weather is perfect, some sun, some breeze and the water is relatively calm. Paddled out around the breakwater, and we are aiming for the second point off in the distance. The shoreline is rugged, mostly cliffs with pine and spruce trees lining the edge. In some spots, the earth has eroded so much that the trees have toppled over the edge down towards the sea. There are also a number of areas where large blocks of of the cliff have separated and fallen. These blocks are amazingly square, sharp edged pieces seemingly cut with a knife.

Dale has issues with her lifejacket, starting right outside the car, with the question "Where's my lifejacket??? It is not unusual to experience issues with the ones used by tour companies. Hers is very long, so now it is riding up almost over her head. I don't think this really causes a problem with her paddling, but she sure does not like how it looks. From my view in the back, it looks like a giant lifejacket is up front, with two little arms popping out in the middle, and a bit of a ball cap at the top.

She is some steamed, mostly because her lifejacket is not hers. And that would be down to me. I did not want to pack our life vests for just one use on the vacation, Dale wanted we to pack them to avoid just this type of situation. So now I incur the wrath while paddling, which is kinda like a continual loop, as our guides are wearing real comfortable vests like the ones we have...at home!

Stopped in a little cove for a snack and a lemonade. A big bowl of GORP (good old raisins & peanuts) appeared, which also had a bunch of smarties mixed in, taking this tasty treat to a whole new level. Some went for a swim, the beach was excellent, shallow and warm. Most just stood around chatting, all of us giving our bums a bit of a break before starting back.

Paddle back was quicker, an quieter, as we folded up the bottom of Dale's life jacket so it would not ride up on her as much.

not amused...
What a really nice way to spend an afternoon, getting a view of PEI from a seaward perspective.

Ryan, one of the guides, recommended a place called Amanda's as a nice spot to grab some dinner. We needed to stop at the liquor store, another of those questions that was always answered with "In Charlottetown". North Rustico has everything a camper could need. Food, fuel, liquor, places to eat, little shops. All this located much closer than "In Charlottetown". The liquor store had a massive walk on beer cooler, which was pretty hard to step back out of. Not because of the fine assortment of pops contained within, but because it was so refreshing after bobbing in the sun in a kayak most of the afternoon. Discovered a little bakery which we just had to go in to. All sorts of goodies in there, so we bought a bunch of stuff, butter tarts being one of them. Is it possible to walk out empty handed from a bakery that makes butter tarts? I highly doubt it.

Settled into Amanda's, a classic little eatery serving up a homey variety of food. Once again, fish and chips made up my order, and how could it not. With an ice cold Schooner beer, it is a fine meal. Really like the fish here. In the sampling I have done so far, the fish is very lightly battered or breaded, not the heavy greasing coating that now seems to be the norm at home. Fish clearly makes up the majority, not the batter. After eating, walked over to the grocery store to pick up a few things, then went into a little wool sweater shop, where, surprise surprise, Dale found a cute little headband for the winter. Stopped at a place called The Dunes on the way home, a gallery/fashion/dining sort of spot. This place is huge, chock full of merchandise, heavy on an imported Bali style of goods. It is a higher end dining experience, and based on the aroma from the kitchen and the plates, it sure must be a good one.

Sat around a fire, Steve got a real good one going. Our neighbour Stan dropped by, and Steve pulled out his banjo for a few tunes. The foxes are very active this evening. Not unusual to glance off to the side and find one sitting watching from the shadows, just a few feet away. They are pretty brazen. Steve spoke to a woman on the other side of the trees, who was pretty pissed off. She had the Q all heated up, turned her attention away for a moment, and a fox leapt up and snatched the steak right off the picnic table. We put everything away now, all the time, not only in the evening. No more lost Crocs for us.


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