2010 Vacation Day 3 - Return of the pan roll...

Bit foggy and overcast this morning. Got the coffee going, then slowly started to get active. After an hour or so it started to clear and get much brighter. Dale decided that as we have a water hookup, that it was time to try the outdoor shower. She pulled out our little enclosure and set it up. Then she got the shower hose out and once settled in, got it going.

 Lots of hot water, but not a lot of pressure. A little odd, as the flow at the sink it quite good. When the water was turned on at the valves, there seemed to be a buzz coming from the hot/cold mixing chamber, as if the water wanted through, but something was not allowing it to flow. I decided to pull it apart and have a look.

Inside were two sets of spring and rubber flapper valves. As the water is not under that much pressure, the valves clearly do not open completely. Thinking about it a while, I decided to take them both out to see what happened. As well, knowing that a lot of shower heads have internal flow reducers built in, I looked for that as well. Sure enough, there was one in the form of a permanently orfice where the hose attaches to the handle. The sharp point of a little knife increased the size of that little hole a whole lot. Reassembled the whole deal, then checked the flow, which was vastly improved. The outdoor shower turned out to be quite nice, and pretty convienient. So it would seem, regardless of where I am, I can always find a little project to work on...

Walked around the park and to the beach. The park is quite well set up for recreation, as being the largest in the area, it has a lot of facilities. The grounds are well kept, with lots of stuff for kids to do. Catherine and Don dropped by to see the trailer and have a visit. The park is only 10 minutes from their house. All of us were going out to Heather's camp for dinner, which is on the Kingston Peninsula on the St. John river. Probably about 40 minutes north. Had a great meal and a visit. Dale mentioned yesterday that she was going to look for some pan rolls, as they are fabulous, so Heather went to a local bakery and picked up a couple of packages, for dinner and Dale. Pan rolls are not something we can find in Ontario, so finding them when we are down here is a priority.

 Took David's new Accord coupe for a spin on the windy roads. With a V6, 6 speed manual and gobs of power, it was quite exhilerating. Headed home after dark, the fog and the rain was just starting to sock things in.


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