2010 Vacation Day 14 - Heading home...

Pulled out around 8:00. Coffee to get going, then a quick breakfast at Timmy's in a near by town. We are heading cross country to Sherbrooke, then will hop the 10 into Montreal. Our penchant for traveling off the main highways has provided us with some amazing sights along the way, from the scenic to the quirky.
Today would be heavy on the scenic. Looking at the maps, and really not being in a great rush to get back, we found a route that looked interesting, and definitely off the beaten track. We ended up on a road, although paved, signed and in good condition, was also very narrow. This road probably sees more farm equipment than RV equipment. The whole time we were in it, we saw maybe 3 other vehicles, one of them being a tractor pulling a load of hay. It was right in the heart of the eastern townships farming community. A very rolling hills type of area.

So we start to climb, the road taking us up a huge ridge, and we keep on climbing. We are really up there, and being farm land, there is little to obscure the great view. Still we climb, not really steep, but angling uphill for a long time. As we get closer to the top, clearly defined by a massive cell tower, I can see up ahead that the road just seems to disappear into the sky. We are totally alone up here, so I am just poking along.

As we crest the hill, the road heads literally straight back down, like a roller coaster. Dale gasps, and I go into white knuckle mode on the steering wheel. It was crazy. Thankfully we were not going any speed at all, because if you were, you would surely be airborne at this point. We are looking straight down, and the road just stretched out in front of us all the way down. Dale said something about slowing down, then stopped breathing. I dropped it into 2nd gear, then managed my speed all the way down. About a third of the way down, the road took another surprising little dip, and got steeper. Real crazy sh*t! The view was awesome though, in the moments I was able to glance away. We were way above some massive hydro towers, which is not a perspective you normally see. Made it to the bottom no problem, but it was sure memorable.

Lots of mining in this area, which kinda tears up the landscape...

The rest of the trip was uneventful. Stopped at a really big RV dealer outside Montreal, seems we are now drawn to those like a magnet. Our Alto was decidedly tiny compared to some of the big trailers for sale there, but garnered more immediate attention. from those in the parking lot. Pulled into Ottawa in the late afternoon, vacation over. Sorting through the mail when we got home, we had another rather serious note from this Mr. Fox character...

Been keeping track of some stats on the trip, which we will post shortly. Overall, a tremendous trip, in a really efficient and comfortable trailer. One realization, actually a confirmation, that the vacation provided was that this is what we want to do. Travel around and exploring and experiencing all that different areas of the country has to offer.



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