A few changes to the trunk

We noticed right away that after travelling, some object that normally resides in the trunk, will inevitably make its way into the living area upon arrival. This is not surprising, given that the Alto can bounce around a bit, and the only divider between the two areas is a small fabric curtain. Having lots of extra coroplast from other little mods, I decided to create a better divider.

I cut a double layer of coroplast to size, and velcro'd it to the existing frame. Much better. You will also notice that I created a small wing piece which is attached to the front curve of the Alto.  The power converter and connections are right behind it, so I figured a little extra protection would not hurt. The industrial strength velcro is a great product...super sticky and the velcro holds real well.

These little LED puck lights are awesome. They stick anywhere and the batteries seem to last forever. The trunk needed a little light, and this fit the bill perfectly.


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