2009 Vacation Day 10 - Exploring

Little cool this morning...fired up the heat pump to put a little warm air in the place and suck some of the humidity out. All the comforts of home in this thing...even the kitchen sink.

Went to a brunch at Mimi & Peter's then did some exploring of Chatham...which really means wandering around looking at shops and people. Rained hard again most of the day, but thankfully it cleared late in the day...well not really cleared, more stopped raining...fog now rolling in...gotta love the dampness. Steve, Rachel and Alex came over for dinner and a bonfire...Alex made up a bunch of excellent smores. Started to pack away some gear in prep of heading out tomorrow morning.

Been doing a little web exploring...just amazing what sort of things one can find...related to trailering of course.
This site is just facinating...pretty much just for the fact that it exists...who would have known...unless of course you were looking...like me, well sort of.


THE most comprehensive RV dump search on the WEB...what a hell of an achievement...makes sense of course...when you really need to dump...it's nice to know there is a site out there to guide you to relief. I sleep better at night just knowing this site exists.

Some fantastic images also...such as the comprehensive gps dump station locator map...as you can see...there is a dump station pretty much everywhere you may be...

or check out the How To Empty your Tanks link to learn the famous ice cube trick...I'm glad I did.
but what if you are really, really parched after dumping your tanks???

Grampa....you PROMISED you would take us!

very convenient...but looks to me you are standing in the dump tray while washing your hands...definitely not flip flop friendly.

so much to learn...so little time.


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