2009 Vacation Day 5 - Up in the Trees

Great weather here...nice change. We discovered a treetop walk at an outdoor museum in Worcester...about 45 minutes from here. Decided to check it out. In Worcester we saw this neat art park, lots of interesting permanent installations...
such as

Really nice outdoor naturalist museum...lots of birds, a few mammals and even a polar bear...go figure, poor bastard must have taken a wrong turn at Cochrane. So we signed up for the treetop walk...which was actually on a pretty small scale...but it definitely was high off the ground.

It only took a half hour, but ended with a zipline ride to the ground. The walks between the trees were a breeze, but the zipline was a little more adventuresome. There used a sort of sling chair...all in keeping with the family aspect of the whole thing...certainly not as free form as hanging off your harness. The first step away from the platform is unnerving...but the ride is well worth it.

Stopped on the way home for supplies (Rolling Rock) and stuff for dinner. Nice swim at the beach, the water was literally tepid...gotta love the noodle. Thighs with Montreal and grilled veggies with Bone Dust and goat cheese...some out there know what I am refering to...yummy.

Off to the Cape tomorrow.

Still all good with the Alto...Everything seems to find its place...damn efficient design.


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