2009 Vacation Day 1 - Lost in Longueuil...

So we get away a little later than expected, totally not taking into account the usual Montreal traffic. Work our way into downtown on the 20...then totally blow by the Jacques Cartier bridge while looking in amazement at the giant clock on the Molson building. Finally get on to the bridge, after an extended tour of the neighbourhood, then proceed way to far on the 134 into Longueuil. You know the feeling you get when one is driving along and you know something is screwed up, but you keep going, just hoping it all sorts itself out...which it never does. So we do quick exit of the 134...into absolutely nowhere.

a word on GoogleMaps...although it may seem like a good idea at the time to print out a bunch of really zoomed in pages, if any of the wheels go off the track...your closeup maps are useless...big picture as they say, just ain't there...

Finally get ourselves back together and make it to where we are to pick up the Alto. Not hard to miss coming down the street. Our  guy, Pierre got us all set up...gave us a good tour of how the trailer works...hitch, brakes, electrics, water...and the all important...dumping station. At one point he asks me where I was planning to dump the waste...which I thought was a bit odd...so I told him "along the highway somewhere..." just fooling with you Pierre...

some sage advice...black before grey...I'll let the reader figure out why.

So finally we are on the way...headed towards Stowe...much later than anticipated. The V seems to pull the trailer OK...but the driver definitely knows there is an extra 2000lbs along for the ride. Acceleration is non-existant, and there is this big mass behind you giving you a good push when you apply the brakes. As well, there is a lot of this kinda disconcerting movement that you feel in the drivers seat...hard to describe, but it is like the trailer is toying with you...transmitting any road bumps back to the car, just a few seconds after you think you have gone over it...which is perfectly normal...YOU have gone over the bump, but IT has not.

By the time we got there it was 9:00 and definitely dark. We were at a private campground called Mountainview. So we get checked in, directions to our particular spot...we rolled through the gate, down a bit of a hill and around a corner smack dab into an entirely different slice of life. Ahead of us was a whole row of assorted RV's and trailers...all sorts big and small...inhabited by all sorts as well. Everyone was clearly chillin' by the campfire.

So we find our site...and I'm sizing up just how big the challenge will be to back this thing up, having never moved in any direction but forward.

Next thing thing you know, our neighbours are wandering over to check out our trailer and give us a hand. All very cool. After one tiny jackknife and a little wrangling to find some level ground, we are in. Now to get unhitched, get leveled out and transfer some stuff into our little abode. Went pretty smoothly...one thing for sure...people love teardrops...and are freaked when the roof goes up. Met a bunch of nice folks...one guy was well into Uncle Jack...obviously his personal back to nature drink. Oh, and he and his whole family were walking around with glow rings around their necks and ankles...perhaps an attempt to keep track of the kids...

Although it is small...it definitely feels big. The elevated roof and lots of glass really make it feel like you are almost outside. The flip side of that is it is a little fishbowl like...but looking in, the heavy window tint and blackout blinds provide lots of privacy. They have done a really good job on the layout...and creature comforts...of which the toilet tops the list. Bear well in mind that with a trailer this small...ultimate privacy for ones "functions" is not on the option list...the price you pay for a small footprint...get over it. There is a roof fan which is a godsend...the natural thought with fans is to blow the air in, over you...but we quickly found that pushing the air out, also sucks in air through the windows. Huge added bonus...when you crank the thing up high...most of the assorted bugs that think they have found a new home, and dinner, end up getting trapped against the screen below the blades...and are easily disposed of. Once the bench seating is configured for sleeping, you have almost a king size bed. There is a window just by your head which allows all the fabulous night sounds to come in...unless of course you have rowdy neighbours...


  1. Backing up a trailer is definitely an art.

    Glad to see the trip was off to a fun start!

  2. I'm enjoying your on going exploits. Ain't it a bitch when your clothes soak up more Gin than you do!?