2009 Vacation Day 2 - Settling In...Checking Out

Great sleep. We bought a 4 cup coffee maker before we left...who can do without a cup of joe in the morning???...and some amazing Peruvian beans from Bridgehead...the aroma is outrageous...literally cannot keep it in the trailer as we would already be wired for sound even before our first cup. Just kinda poked around a bit...rustled up a bite to eat and put on another pot.

A new neighbour rolled in a short time later. About a 21' RV...spotless. Semi-retired couple...very gregarious and friendly. John and his wife (sorry...forgot her name) have been travelling all over North America by trailer and RV for years. He just loves driving and meeting new people. Watched him set up an learned all sorts of stuff...he is obviously a master...the right gear, efficient setup...part of most sites is water and electric. Two basic utilities that make your time in a trailer that much better. Instead of a standard water hose, with the incumbent bulk, he had this nifty little minature fire hose that collapsed into the palm of his hand. Sweet. Just the way he did little things, which I will not bore you with, was well worth noting. Naturally, he was super interested in how our trailer worked...we talked for the longest time and I showed him what I knew about it.

Cruised into Stowe to have a look around...a classic Vermont resort town. Lots of quaint little shops and stuff to see. Wandered around town...lots of outdoor recreation stores...run by lots of outdoorsy types...super friendly and tres cool...Loaded up on neccessities on the way back...Sam Adams want to join me, so I said...no problem buddy. Pulled out the laptop and finally got a signal for wireless...camping in the 21st century...sweet. Handy, as we wanted to keep an eye on the progress of Hurricane Bill...how ironic is that? Inside joke. Some would say leave the technology at home...but as long as it is not work related and does not consume every waking moment...you cannot ignore the benefit of connecting.

Our site backed onto a lazy kinda river, which beconed us for a walk...refreshing mountain river water. The campground was having a big BBQ chicken cookout, so we picked a couple of fine looking pieces for dinner. Tossed up a nice salad and we were good to go.Once we buttoned up for the night, I pulled up the wireless again and created this blog...a lot of the creation effort is spent figuring out what to name your blog. Once that is settled,then it is just a matter of formatting and layout. Then of course...content. No small feat...I follow a few blogs and it never ceases to amaze me the amount words people write...which takes time and a certain degree of creativity...and in a lot of cases, a whole ton of creativity.


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