2009 Vacation Day 6 - Gin Soaked Rants

OK...rants go first...we have all been driving along when we spot a car towing a travel trailer about to make a turn in the direction we are going...now admit it...your first thought is...Shit, I gonna be stuck behind that damn trailer my entire drive, I'm not gonna make "good time" because of this stupid family and their damn travel trailer...what to hell are they doing on the road anyways. Nailed it on the head didn't I. I'm guilty of this...as are the rest of you.

Well...now I'm that damn travel trailer...and I have seen the look first hand...it is really quite noticeable...sort of a crazed wide eyed panic...their mind is racing...evaluating options...anything to avoid being stuck behind that THING! Hell, I'm going for it! Quick turn out into the road...made it!. To think I would have been late for my nail appointment. 'Hey, I think Bobbi Jo is texting me...'

However, the family (or me), just had a different panic, more along the lines "Oh shit...I hope I can slow this 2000lb THING enough to let this idiot get out...all the while yelling at the car to move your ASS!!!...well perhaps not if your kids were in the car. It is not that easy to get a car and trailer slowed down in a panic...whoever invented electric trailer brakes should be sainted...not totally sure how they work (well, I do have a good idea) but as I was leaning into the brake pedal...it somehow senses a rapid deacceleration and applied more brake to the trailer wheels...they actually locked up for a moment and let out a little squeal...very cool...and this goes on all the time because everyone is in such a damn hurry.

Which brings me to my next rant...just because you may be sitting behind me and my travel trailer, going a ridiculously slow speed...does not automatically make me the culprit...now granted, you may not be able to see around me, but there could be some person going super slow in their beat up old K car...perhaps they even have the needle pegged on that K car...who knows? But it is not always the trailer holding things up...I've even swung off to the side to expose my innocence...probably to no avail...so, not always the trailer fault...and another thing...get off my ass, I can't see you.

Lastly...STOP TEXTING...look at the damn road...for a change. Given that I am new to this trailer thing...my spidey senses are turned up to 11...and I am super aware of stuff...I simply cannot believe the number of times I have seen people staring...not glancing...STARING down at the damn things...totally oblivious to those around them...and they are in control of a moving weapon. At what are they texting about...NOTHING.

Now I feel better...

OK...off to Cape Cod today...had to leave today as Barrack had a few cold ones on ice for when we arrived. As mentioned in the past, we are sticking to secondary roads. Kinda backfired today...62 was seriously being ripped up...and when it was not ripped up...it was very evident that it needed to be ripped up...slow haul for about 30 miles...and super bouncy...took it easy as I could, but still got jumbled around. One of the construction workers, as we inched by, shouted, "Nice space baby"...pretty funny. Hopped on the 495 at Taunton for the run onto the Cape. Found our campsite...compared to last nights Cadillac version...we are are now in the previously mentioned beat up K car. Well, perhaps not that bad...more like clean but tired. Not sure how this slipped by us...probably based on our parameters of being close to Chatham & Brewster...but this place has no beach, pool or heaven forbid...wifi. Well it does have wifi, but you have to schlep up to "The Lodge". Our site is kinda nice though...up high, overlooking a pond (certainly by no means a lake) and it is nice and breezy.

The whole place is real hilly...which when pulling a trailer translates to...how to hell am I going to get there! Challenges all around, but we got it parked. A tad unlevel...not much...but enough to bug me...Dale...does not care. So Dale opens the door and discovers calamaty #1 (there is another)...seems the fridge door did not like the trip...even though secured as instructed...it must have flew open a number of times...think 62...and disgourged most of its contents...including of course a few of New England's finest ale. A consumer observation...Sam Adams has better caps than Rolling Rock...nothing broken...but beer leaked pretty much everywhere...those boys must have been rolling around all over the place...trailer now smells like a cheap tavern. Lots of other assorted stuff rolling around, but really...the beer is the true loss. Floor probably needed a wash anyways.

On another note...Dale is pretty well known for the outstanding G & T she is able to create...very, very thirst quenching.Simply excellent. However, what has now been discovered is that perhaps she is not quite as excellent at putting the cap back on the bottle correctly. Now when you get ready to roll, you find places to put things where they would be safe to travel...and where Dale stored the full bottle of gin was my clothing bin...not standing up mind you, just sort of nestled. Well, when I heard my name being called...in that particular distressed tone...I knew something was amiss. Seems we were now in the possesion of an empty bottle of gin... but a great deal of my clothing was absolutely hammered...gin does not really smell from afar...but up close...PHEW...now I know where the expression gin-soaked rubby comes from. Off the the nearest Coin-O-Matic we went...all good as new now.

So an eventful day...the Cape is going to be great...lots of stuff to do...and BTW, 'Hurricane Danny' is on its way!


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