2009 Vacation Day 9 - Two By Two

Have I mentioned yet that it is raining? Real rain...not a drizzle, not scattered showers, not a "chance" of rain, not "it's just spitting"...but real serious rain...loud rain, pounding is the word I would use. Pissing down rain is also good, but just does not really capture how much is coming down. Oh, did I mention it was this way ALL day. I don't really think I've seen this amount of rain ever. We've had some dandies in the past few years, but those were cloudbursts...minor league really...this is the bigs. If this is what the edge of a tropical storm produces, little wonder the damage created when a hurricane hits land.

Today was the day of the party to celebrate Mimi & Peter's 50th wedding anniversary...the main reason we are on the Cape. They held it at a wonderful resort on the ocean...a massive old seminary many years ago, it is now a luxury resort. Everything was great, lots of family & friends, great food and even an acapella quartet. It all went off very well.

Have I mentioned it has been raining??? Have I used the word pounding??? We saw a fair amount of flooding while driving around. Our particular site was OK. We put up the awning yesterday and it was nice to be able to have a little protection from the rain as we stepped outside. The Alto is definitely waterproof...certainly has gotten an excellent test this past couple of days.The wind has now come up at this point in the evening...short gusty bursts, but pretty intense. Been going on a while now, the Alto gets rocked around a bit, although seems stable...the thought has crossed our mind to lower the roof to reduce our profile...hopefully we will not have to do that, but it is an option...and the Alto remains pretty much fully functional...nice feature. News flash...did not need to lower the roof...winds had died down by the time we turned in...nice.

One more day on the Cape...


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