2009 Vacation Day 7 - PTown

Took a run up to Provincetown...figured with Obama doing the Martha's Vineyard gig, things would be a little extra slow getting over there. We were only about 45 minutes so we decided to head there for the day. PTown is right at the very end of Cape Cod. Over many years it has become a mecca for the gay community...a summer haven for many...permanent home and business for many more. It is a wonderful town based around one long street along the shore and wharfs...and it is certainly unique. You see pretty much everything in PTown.

It is a tremendously alive place. Lots of people, tourists, shops...a great walking around town. And very colourful...in a "Not that there's anything wrong with that" sort of way. We had lunch at a spot that was having a drag brunch...well you can imagine how interesting that was! Just a wild place.


Had a fabulous broiled haddock sandwich with aioli dill sauce and capers...yummy.

All sorts of stuff to see...

in an Irish pub window...

this guy did not even blink!

That whole area of the Cape seems like one large sand dune. Massive sand dunes...lots of classic Cape Cod style bungalows run along the shorelines near the towns...grey weathered cedar shake of siding, classic colours...great looking places. Many large homes as well in the same sort of style.  
Checked out a public beach on the way back to camp...Dale is always looking for a place to swim...well, float actually.

Dale on the beach...Dale on the beach...


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