2009 Vacation Day 11 - Shoparama?

Hit the road relatively early...need to use the freeways to skirt around Boston. Was planning to use 495, but discovered through conversations over the weekend, the 95 will be much shorter and is not the "urban" freeway we assumed it was. We did not want to get into an congested city traffic type situation. On the 95, you could think you were anywhere...pretty much connected surrounding little cities outside Boston through the forest. Good drive, definitely what you want to be able to say when you are pulling a trailer.

As an added bonus, Dale discovered a Crate & Barrel location right on the 95...this is huge in Dale's world, she loves C&B. Sure enough, it was a stand alone store that was part of a larger mall...literally visible from the 95, which was great, because I did not really want to be driving through a city somewhere looking for a store. We are doing a little remod of the spare bedroom, so Dale has been perusing the C&B catalogue in the hopes of finding a store along our travels. Well, I think we have helped make their quarter...a ridiculous amount of odds & sods are now jammed into the V...reaffirming the fact that Dale does indeed love C&B.

Our location today is Hampton Beach SP, in NH. This is strictly an RV site, with about 40 spots. Anything staying here must be able to connect to all services. So when we pulled in, the lady in the office definitely did not believe we could connect...until we showed her the "appropriate connections". The place is pretty much an open field set up for RV use, no trees, little grass, few nature aspects. It is though, directly on the ocean with great views, and connects to a huge beach with sand dunes. Once again, the little Alto attracted lots of interest...which is cool because you end up having some nice onversations with other people on the road.

We got set up then went and walked the length of the beach...probably over a mile long. Fantastic, with hard packed sand near the waters egde that is perfect for walking. Although the entire town has a very Wasaga feel to it, with school starting shortly, the place is pretty quiet.





Tonights dinner was a stir fry on the Q of whatever we could rustle up out of the fridge...casual yet tasty.

the favoured pre-dinner chiller...

RV wildlife..

Cooled down a lot in the evening...probably in the low teens(C)...which inevitably ends up exposing a flaw in my packing strategy...Dale always points out that on most vacations, I only pack for the temperature it happens to be...when I am actually packing my clothes. So if it is stinking hot out...I'm only throwing in shorts & T's...and totally iignoring anything warm...hence...nothing really warm to wear when it gets a little cool...such as last night. Duh!.

nice sunset over the dunes...

Tomorow is a chillin day...walk the beach, explore the town...and more of the same...


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