2014 Day 7: Thursday

This is the day that we all planned for Helen and Paul to come out to our campsite and spend the afternoon on the beach and later on dinner. The day is still windy, but lots of full sun and blue sky and the waves have calmed down a bit, perfect for swimming or floating.

Our menu is a recipe we brought from home, Char-grilled Salmon with Grapefruit Maple Butter sauce. It is from one of Jim's Ted Reader's cookbooks.  We have not made this recipe before so hopefully it turns out as well as it sounds and the cookbook photo looks!  Along with the salmon we are having local lettuce greens in a salad. With cheese and cracker appetizers, we thought it better to keep the main course a little lighter.

Helen & Paul arrived and we spent some time on the beach in our beach chairs, watching the waves. The wind was so strong that after a while we decided to get a break from the wind and head back to our site. The wind was cold coming off the water, and there were only a few hardy types actually in the water. We sat around some more, then Helen & Paul headed back to their B&B and we did some more prep for the meal. 

When they returned we put on a fire and got it going real good and had some appetizers. I started grilling the salmon, while Dale prepared the salad. When the salmon was done, it was served with a sauce made from some of the marinade, grapefruit segments and maple butter. This was warmed, then poured over the salmon when it came off the grill. The salmon tasted very nice, with hints of the grapefruit and a bit of sweetness from the maple butter. Dale's salad consisted of the local greens with mango, red plums and goat cheese and a vinegrette made of aged balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  Very tasty... We ate indoors as the full day of wind was becoming a little tiring to endure, but a really nice day overall.


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