2014 Day 12: Tuesday

Awesome day today, the temp was very hot. Power walk this morning got us going. There is quite the hill up from the water sites, so this made for a good leg workout. Walked over to the upper campsite section in the woods. We are so glad to be in the lower beach area, not only for the water, but because it is so much brighter. The wooded section can be dark and gloomy.

We went for swim and float, then headed out in the kayaks to paddle along the shoreline. We paddled west on the river up to a private campground. It was busy too, a large number of families on their beach. Chatted with a guy who owned a Cessna 170 float plane. It was in great shape for being a 1953 model. He maintains it well, replacing the motor and keeping it well serviced. Only a short time later we saw him taking off for a little flight around the area and back. 
Fried up some fish on the BBQ griddle for dinner, along with potatoes and yellow wax beans. Grilling outside was great as it kept the frying smoke and fish smell out of the trailer. We coated the fish with a light breading mixture called Fish Fry, which was quite tasty.

The wind started to come up in the evening, as some huge clouds started to roll down the river. Being a large wide river the Ottawa River is known for it's storms which can develop quickly.  There is only a small chance of rain called for in this area, so more the wind will be the issue. The water got quite rough and the surf was loud. The temp cooled off nicely though, as it was quite hot in the afternoon, and we kept the fan going to keep the Alto cooler for Barley. Before heading in for the night we pulled up the kayaks and made sure we were ready for whatever weather might happen overnight.
great sunset sky this evening


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