2014 Day 2: Saturday

Another beautiful day ahead, not a cloud in the sky.  Put the coffee on, read a little, then went for a power walk around the campground. Lots of campers in, only a few empty spots. Walking through the forested parts we again realized the benefits of being more in the open. Although you pay a bit of a price in terms of heat, this is more than made up for by having a site that just seems more alive and cheery.

We walked for about 40 minutes, then had a quick swim to cool off a bit. Dale read a bit, and I biked up to the park store to see what was there, mostly in the way of a paper. Sure enough, we scored a Globe & Mail. They get papers every day, so I suspect this may be a morning routine.
an innovative way to get water...by longboard

Set up the hammock and then unloaded the kayaks. Relaxed a bit more, napped in the hammock, then headed to the beach. Lots of people out, but nothing compared to the crowds we could see over at the main beach. It was wall to wall people. The water was surprisingly warmer than yesterday, very comfortable indeed. Lots of noodle floating, then beach chair time.

very cool VW camper, designed by Karmann, which is VW's performance group. Never seen one of these before
We are meeting Joey and Geoff (and possibly their friends) for dinner this evening, so a trip to get spruced up at the comfort station was required.  We are going to the 'Milford Bistro', a lovely gourmet restaurant in the village of Milford.  It is a quaint white painted clap-board building that was originally the village general store and post office. Over the years it has been owned and managed by many gourmet chefs and so we are looking forward to this evening's meal, and seeing our friends.

We enjoyed our meals although served a tad slow because being a Saturday night it was a full house. All our meals were very well presented and very good. Was good to catch up on what has happened to us all in the past year since we saw each other last summer. A great tradition...


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