2014 Day 3: Sunday

Woke up early morning (4:30am) to the sound of raindrops on the roof. We scrambled out of bed, put on our head lamps and went out to put away the mats, folding chairs and items we had hung out to dry, then we crawled back to bed. So glad we did because the rain did not stop and everything would have been soaked.

After our morning campground power walk in the warm drizzle, we went into the town of Picton to check it out and pick up a few groceries and odds and sods. A great way to spend a rainy afternoon. Picton is a lovely little town, with a few small museums, lots of little galleries and a nice assortment of shops.

found this in an art gallery, made from recycled oil barrels. we thought it would be a nice addition, and more subtle than a flag
Quite a few new places have opened, including a nice big bookstore/coffee cafe combo. Picked up a quick sandwich and coffee there, and watched the goings on. Went into a retro/antique shop where Dale found a funky Hudson's Bay blanket, in a leaf green colour with orange stripes. We've never seen that combo before, and at only $18 bucks, it was coming home with us.
cool bench, made from an old Dodge tailgate

another cool VW, this one all the way from Washington state
The day has turned out quite nice, still overcast and a bit windy, the rain appears to have blown through and the temp is pleasant. Dropped into Sobey's on the way back, and not feeling much like cranking the BBQ so we picked up a half roast chicken and a couple of sides. Easy peasy... Sun came out and we walked the beach after dinner, the clouds are gone and the sunset is really nice. The breakers are quite steady, and some campers are playing in the waves.

The breakers make that awesome crashing sound that is so nice to listen to. Temp is dropping a bit, and with the sounds of the surf, should be a great sleep.


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