2014 Day 14: Thursday

Still quite windy today, but a little warmer. Power walk again in the morning, and pretty much hung around our site all day. The wind is just enough to make the water a little rough for paddling and sitting around outside only for the very hardy.
After a while the constant wind becomes tiring. One of our neighbouring campers told us that campers who come here frequently call the winds 'the Driftwood Gods'! They had friends here a couple of weeks back and they experienced these heavy winds for an entire week. We have been luckier to just get them a couple of days.  Weather systems and storms travel down the Ottawa River, and with the hills on both sides it form walls like a narrow tunnel which funnels the wind and opens up into the bay, so it is easy to understand why the winds here are so strong and happen so often.

Dinner this evening is chicken thighs and a tossed salad with goats cheese, mangos, peppers and grapes. Tasty and healthy.

Finally the winds lightened and the waves flattened out so we took the opportunity to go for an after dinner paddle while the sun set. It as really nice. The hue of the water was constantly changing while the sun set. We floated aimlessly off the shore while the sun disappeared.


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