2014 Day 5: Tuesday

Rain started around 6:00am this morning, not heavy, but very steady. Weather report calls for it to clear, but right now it looks doubtful. No power walk this morning, but we did head up early to the comfort station to freshen up. Had the place to ourselves, given the weather. Sat around most of the morning, but it did start to get a little brighter around 11:00.

We decided to go for a paddle as the water was like glass and we seemed to be getting good breaks of sun. Used the new kayak cart that I made to drag the boats across the road and over the dune to get to the beach. It worked like a charm, easily adapting and righting itself over the rough terrain. Such as simple yet effective design, using golf cart wheels, an aluminum rod axle, a boat trailer bow roller, plastic conduit and rubber water hose. Lots of examples on the internet, but the simplicity of this one appealed to me the most. Very pleased with the results.
crazy simple, crazy effective

We headed off to the left hand point, which is close to the campers beach. The water is very clear, and the shoreline past the park beach becomes very rocky with highly eroded cliffs. Reminds us of the Bay of Fundy and the flower pots that have been carved by the constant waves and surf. The most fascinating part is actually below the water. As we glided along, through the clear water we soon found ourselves over large rock plates, very large plates. We would be in about 10 feet of water on one side, then on the other, out of now where, this massive slab of rock would rise up almost to the surface. They were all sitting very close together, separated by narrow cracks between them, which would run from almost the shoreline to out into the depths. It gave us a creepy feeling seeing these massive formations so clearly, and distinct in their shape. This went on all along the shore, each one seemed more massive than the previous. I followed one crevice running between two of these plates offshore a fair distance, and with the water so clear, you could see quite deep, and these plates of rock are massively thick, the crevice running right down to the bottom. I soon lost track in the depths. A very impressive formation we had never encountered before.

these are massive, this water is easily 10 feet deep, and the slab almost reaches the surface

We could see a larger ominous black cloud moving our way, so we headed back to the beach. Everyone was pulling up stakes off the beach because of this cloud, but it actually passed a little north of us, lots of wind, but no rain. Pulled the kayaks back to the site, our little cart once again easily handing the rough, sandy path. Helen and Paul arrived in Bloomfield, so we met them around 3:00. We headed out to see the Huff Estates winery. It was a very nice setup, with a tasting room, a dining area and a large separate building which housed an art gallery. The grounds were lovely, and the gardens were well stocked with art installations. The whole place though, was a little heavy on the pretentious. The wine was nice, but pretty expensive for our tastes.

One of the artists that was on display in the garden was a bronze caster. As I got closer, it appeared he was using a male figure as the basis for his work, and then letting his imagination go from there. Something was strangely familiar with his chosen human form, even from afar. A few steps closer and it did not take too much further thought. The inspiration was none other than G.I. Joe! These were not close renditions, but actual exact copies. He was using the somewhat later version of Joe that had him all decked out with full head of hair and a beard. Now I was intrigued. Upon close examination, the artist had clearly created a mold from one of the dolls, then further decked him out with assorted creative abominations such as tree ranch arms and legs, or wings! I read the artist bio and there was no mention of Joe at all. One would think that if Joe forms the basis of this artists creative inspiration, he would at least acknowledge the contribution. Did the artist think that a world famous fighting man like G.I. Joe, conqueror of air, sea and land, would not be recognized. To test this theory, I asked a kid that was wandering the garden with his mother if he recognized the figure. G.I. Joe was his instant reply. I wonder if Hasbro know's of Joe's gig as a model and artist's muse?

G.I. Joe, the artist's muse...
some serious coin needed to acquire this piece of "art"
Headed into Picton to grab a bite to eat at a place called The Acoustic Grill. It was a pub styled spot with live music. Lots of beer on tap, and a variety of food choices. The place was pretty full, both with locals and campers. Our meals were excellent, and they make those home made potato chips which are awesome. A real nice little spot with a great vibe.

The wind has come up quite strong, and with it the breakers.


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