2014 Day 11: Monday

Although feeling Riley's loss we decided to continue onto Driftwood as planned a day later since staying home the week would only make it worse and not bring our little guy back. Also by being away from the house out of his regular routine for a week may help Barley transition to now not having his buddy.

We were able to reserve one of our favourite sites, right on the beach. Being right on the beach is fabulous, the water is only a few steps away.

Great day today, the weather has been awesome. We got the Alto nicely positioned to take advantage of the view across the river to the Laurentian Hills. Our neighbours are friendly as we have already chatted back and forth with them. Got the kayaks off the car, all ready for some exploring. Tested out the water and it is quite reasonable for swimming and floating around. Overall we have discovered that everywhere the water is certainly cooler this year.
a nice sunset glow on the Alto


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