2014 Day 16: Saturday

We have decided to leave today instead of tomorrow, we would like the extra day at home to get everything to rights before heading back to work on Monday.  The sky looks good but the forecast does say a high probability of rain this afternoon. Our plan is good to get out before the rain comes.
a hardy camp breakfast
a Brum's chocolate milk...an Ottawa Valley classic taste
So the two weeks of boondocking without services was quite manageable. The solar panels kept the battery charged up, and in full sun, generated more than enough power to run the roof fan and charge any devices. In the evening, we used our AA powered LED camp lights, which were excellent at providing lots of light inside the Alto. Watching the use of the waste tanks was also not a problem as in a campground there is generally lots of facilities round to utilize.

All and all it was a relaxing week for us....


  1. Hello! I have diligently read every one of your posts and have enjoyed thoroughly following your adventures. My husband and I are patiently killing time until June '15 when we get our own 1723. I have a specific question for you in the meantime: where did you get that griddle for the Q? And is that what you use to cook all your fancy pizzas?
    - Alissa

  2. Hi Alissa,

    Glad you are enjoying our blog. We have fun writing it, as it is a great way to keep track of our travels and share our experience with the Alto. Not sure where we got the griddle, it is pretty basic, aluminum with a no stick coating. Just keep your eyes open at hardware stores etc. We cook the pizzas right on the grill, on low heat. We don't use the griddle pan. You really have to keep an eye on them, it is finding the balance between heating it up and avoiding charring the bottom, but the taste is great.

    So you have ordered a 1723...that's awesome! You will really enjoy the Alto, it is a well made trailer, which you will travel with for years. No doubt you have questions, and I would be happy to share any info based on our experiences. If you would like to communicate further, post another comment with your email, which of course would remain private, and I will drop you a line. There are a group of us who share ideas and keep in touch this way.
    Hope to hear from you.