2015 Vacation: Friday...finally, a classic summer day

No pallets visible this morning, not surprising as I heard activity across the way go on till quite late. Loud was up early though, getting breakfast and starting to tear down the camp.

We are hiking around the lakes today, anxious to get a good look at the wonderful colour the lakes

produce. It will be a nice day, so we want to grab a swim and some solid beach time after our hike. It has been such an unusual summer, here it is mid July, and we have had far too few opportunities to enjoy a nice swim in a lake.

There are lovely trails around the lakes, both along the shore and above the lakes around the top of the ridge. We walked down by the water, the trails being either crushed stone or a very cushy wood chip layer. The water is amazing, clear, colourful and a mesmerizing turquoise green. Green Lake is more active, because of the beach and the row boat rentals, where Round Lake is very quiet and peaceful.

Not many on the trails, a few campers and the occasional runner. We came to the point where the reef had formed, which was most interesting, an odd texture and makeup, not rock, not organic, just different. These have formed over thousands of years, and has been a source for many studies of the years, based on the uniqueness these lakes represent.

Some pretty old dates carved into this tree

That point is one of the unusual "reef" in this lake

We went for a swim at the beach, glad to finally get into the water. There were a lot of people doing the same thing...swimming and soaking up the rays. We had our trusty noodles with us, our constant swim companions. I was into the water barely up to my ankles when a booming voice yelled "NO NOODLES". Not thinking it had anything to do with me, and I guess it did not really register with my mind that a noodle could possibly be an issue, I took another step. "HEY YOU...I SAID NO NOODLES". Now it registered that it did have something to do with me. I turned around and just off to my left was a lifeguard on a tower, but all I could see was the bill of his ball cap, the rest of his face replaced by the gaping mouth of an old school megaphone. No noodles, I asked somewhat quizzically. Out of the megaphone boomed the word..."NO"

Nary a noodle to be found
Undeterred by the lack of noodles, we enjoyed a refreshing swim/float in the lake. We chatted with a woman who had witnessed the megaphone exchange, and she summed it up by saying, "welcome to NY, land of a rule for everything". Sunned on the beach for the longest time, then back to camp. Loud and his entourage have departed, so the campsite is now quiet and relaxing. Dinner was left over ribs, almost as good as a reheat. I baked a Trader Joe pizza on the Q, an easy meal for a Friday night. Started to pack a few things away, heading back to reality tomorrow.
Yum again, especially with an Oberon


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