2015 Vacation; Wednesday...who knew a golf cart was on Dale's bucket list?

Heading back to Kelly's Island to get the Alto and an overnight stay. The storm of the past couple of days has blown by, so it will be interesting to see how rough Lake Erie is.

Good drive back, and as luck would have it, the larger ferry was just arriving at the dock. If it had been the smaller one we would have waited the 1/2 hr to the next one.
 The wind was up and the waves were probably 3-5 feet high. The ferry had no problem with these, although you could feel them pounding into the bow. Dale was a tad freaked about this, but managed to put her thoughts of capsizing aside. Safely on shore again, we planned once again to only get on the big ferry when leaving tomorrow.

Our big highlight back on the island this afternoon was to go into town and rent a golf cart for a couple of hours. When we arrived last Friday, driving through town, we immediately noticed the proliferation of golf carts everywhere...clearly manned by the locals and assorted tourists, buzzing around like a horde of mosquitos. Dale was instantly enamoured with this novel form of exploration, so I knew before we left we would be trying it out. We headed in mid afternoon to rent us one. There was a spot at the marina, so we signed up for 2 hours and off we went. I drove first, to get a good idea of how it worked, which is absolutely beyond simple, then Dale took over. She was happy as a clam, bombing around town, checking out the sights, and pulling over to scope out a cool shop. Me, I was just along for the ride. What a blast. Who knew this was also on Dale's bucket list!

Walked over to Diana & Len's after dinner. They have a site right on the shore, with a great view of the lake. They told us of the storm they got on Monday evening when we were away, with winds so strong they had to scurry around to take down the awning and put away their outdoor gear. The waves were so high, and pounding the rocky shoreline quite hard. They said the waves were rolling right over the rock breaker wall, splashing onto the campsites beyond. Quite impressive, but a little scary nonetheless. The park people had told them that a previous bad storm had forced the evacuation of campers all along the shore.


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