2015 Vacation: Saturday...and so it comes to an end.

Not too far a drive today, so we just sort of sauntered along getting stuff packed away to head out. Not surprising that we have a bit of a linger mentality going on, as we have effectively finished our vacation for this year. An easy drive from Syracuse, probably no more than four hours.

Pulled out around 9:00, weather is nice, so it will be a good drive. Just on the other side of Watertown, on I81, we spotted a yellow Alto heading south. Naturally, we wondered whether they had spotted us as well, but the lanes were too far apart to really see much of anything. Always wondered how many yellow Altos are out there, we know two of them, but it would be interesting to know how they sold compared to the silver.

Cruised through Canada customs, although we never really worry about this, we are well prepared with receipts of our purchases, and we know the sort of food items that are not allowed to cross over. Back on the 401 towards Ottawa, the first thing I noticed was the speed at which the Canadian drivers were moving. Compared to the Interstates, where everyone just seems to obey the speed limits, right away, cars were flying by us. I was going along just a hair over 100klm/hr, and pretty much everything was literally flying by us. What's the deal here? Are we in that much more of a hurry than our southern neighbours, or is it simply a matter that we have little or no enforcement of the speed limits. Do the states enforce theirs more rigorously, and thus, everyone is more aware to follow the rules? It is a very noticeable phenomenon, at least to me.

Pulled into the driveway a little after 1:00pm. Another vacation in the books...and what a good time it was. Pretty full and action packed. The first Alto Rally, tons of fun, everyone solidifying friendships face to face. That was wonderful. A great visit with the family in Michigan, always great to see them, something that does not happen near enough, but distance will do that. A nice road trip through Pennsylvania to see the works of one of our favourite architects, Frank Lloyd Wright. Then some relaxing days at a couple of state parks in NY.

Vacations are never long enough, but we really felt we maximized our time with a bunch of fabulous activities.


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