2015 Vacation: Tuesday...a low key day

Overcast this morning, and they are calling for isolated thunderstorms. Today is low key after the excitement of the gorge trail, so we are heading into Ithaca to have a look at this little city. Along the way we stopped at Enfield Falls to see if we can grab a quick swim.

These falls empty into a pool below, and apparently the swimming is quite nice. Unfortunately we learned as we arrived that the swimming was closed for the day as the water did not pass the daily testing. Now that's a nice thought, I guess all that flows out of the forests is not pristine.

A dark cloud passed over and the skies opened up, a heavy downpour drenching all below it. We were only a short trek from the car, but many others emerging from the trails in the woods looked really soaked and mud-splattered. Walked around downtown, mostly in an area called ’The Commons’, which is a pedestrian mall about 3 blocks long. They seemed in the final stages of finishing a renovation to the area, with trees and flowers being planted all along its length. Lots of interesting shops, and Dale is always able to find herself a nice little something or other. Stopped at a funky little cafe called ’Mate Factor Cafe & Juice Bar’.

Inside was like walking into a forest, very earthy bohemian look and feel, lot of gnarly wood features and hanging plants. We both had a nice chilli, which came with their in-house made thick slice of jalapeno cheese bread, smothered in butter.


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