2015 Vacation: Sunday...breakfast and farewells till next rally

A pot luck breakfast this morning, starting at 9:00, as a number of people are pulling out and heading home. The drizzle of rain could not put a damper on the breakfast, as we all just started talking where we left off last night.

Once again, lot of great food, Pete's frittata, made in a very interesting cooker called a Ninja, Diana's very yummy goetta, a savoury pork and oat sausage, traditionally from Cincinnati . It was awesome. We grilled up a bunch of pancakes, topped with blueberries and maple syrup, which brought a bit of Canada to the table. After breakfast we talked as a group about our future rally's, a common agreement that in some manner, they should become an annual or bi-annual event.

Golden brown pancakes...

Yummy frittata from the Ninja

Cinnamon buns from the Omnia oven

Sad to see some Altos pulling away this afternoon, but knowing we had made new friendships that will carry on made it a little easier. In the afternoon, Len, Diana and I had a nice cappucino, created by Richard on their expresso machine, and while Diana and Alissa chatted under the awning, Len and I got a detailed demonstration of the Trimetric battery monitor that Richard is using to keep an eye on the impact the expresso maker has on the battery. Richard has certainly researched this thoroughly, and it was great to have him share his knowledge. An accurate battery monitor is something I have always been interested in, and the Trimetric is pretty much the defacto standard to use. Seeing one in action first had has me wanting one even more.

I suspect Sunday afternoon was spent napping by pretty much all those staying longer.  The rain falling on the roof of the Alto makes this a very easy task to accomplish.

 Perhaps a little weary of cooking, we all headed to Kelly's Island Brewery for dinner. A tasty meal, cold beer and even more wonderful conversation and laughter with new friends finished off the weekend. And what an amazing weekend it was, the connections made, meeting people you had only ever chatted with online, was simply priceless. It was also so instantly comfortable.

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  1. I agree completely. Comfortable, priceless.