2015 Vacation: Monday & Tuesday...time to catch up

Monday & Tuesday
Up early to catch the ferry, Alissa and Richard following us. We have left the Alto at the campground and are off to see Bill & Ann. The small ferry was in dock and we soon pulled on. There is a big storm closing in from the midwest, and although it may pass above the campground, we may feel the effects. As soon as we got offshore a bit, the wind and the waves became very apparent. The little ferry was doing a lot of tossing and rolling, we were chatting outside and we had to lean against the cars to prevent ourselves from stumbling on deck. Needless to say, it was a bit unnerving. It did not help knowing that we had two future ferry rides ahead of us to come back to pick up the Alto, and that there was a storm coming. We vowed the next times to only get on the bigger of the two ferries.

We made our way up the 75 to Detroit, the relaxing drives we experienced on the I81 & I90 was soon replaced by the congestion and dominant presence of massive transport trucks. We knew this would be the case, as the I75 is one of the key north/south highways to transport goods. We encountered many transports that consisted of 3 seperate trailers, hitched together to make a massive train of a vehicle. I still have no idea how one of these rigs would be ever backed up, but I guess they are. Took a few quick shots of an impressive bridge in Toledo.

Arrived in the early afternoon. We have Barley with us, as we did not want to leave him alone in the trailer for the 2 nights we are here. We gave him the roam of the upstairs, lots of room for him to settle into.

Everyone was over for dinner in the evening, laughing and scratching as we always do. Bill fired up some of his signature burgers on the Q, a few sides and a blueberry pie from Holiday Market finished off the meal.

Tuesday we all went to a funky shop called 'Leon & Lulu', an eclectic place with all sorts of neat stuff. It is housed in a converted rollerskating rink, the hardwood floor and exposed wooden rafters, as well as the classic old time scoreboard really set up the vibe of the place. Another nice BBQ for dinner, summer classic brats & dogs, went well with the conversation and laughter.


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