2015 Vacation: Thursday...a bit of a head start

We are starting our 2 week vacation a day early this year. Something special taking place on this vacation, we are attending an Alto Rally being held at Kellys Island State Park in Ohio. Now this is a fair hike from Ottawa, and as the rally starts Friday night, we decided to head out Thursday after work to shorten the long drive tomorrow. We are headed for Grass Point S.P., just across frrom the Ivy Lea bridge. This will cut about 3 hours off our drive, and get the border crossing out of the way.

We arrived at the campsite around 8:00pm, a nice little park right on the Seaway. There are sites right along the water, offering a great view of the Seaway and the goings on.

Across the bay is the town of Clayton, and there are a couple of marinas and lots of boats. The campground has a nice beach and great playground area for the kids. Many parts of the ground have large smooth outcroppings of granite, creating an interesting tableau of textures throughout the grounds. This is clearly a well run spot, with lots of new or updated buildings and facilities. We have found that the state parks consistently offer better facilities and are better maintained than their Canadian counterparts. Clearly, given the almost double the fees we are paying in provincial parks, we are not getting our money's worth.

Interesting how oldies are always very angular with sharp edges
Tonight is strictly a stopover on our way, and we have not even unhitched the Alto. We hope to be on the road early. Tomorrow night is 'meet and greet' with beer and appetizers, so we made up a pesto and sundried tomato dip before turning in for the night.  Not sure what time we will get there, so it will be good to have this all ready to go.


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