2012 Trip 7: Vacation - Long Island NY

Friday - Day 1: A Very Adirondack Day...

On the road around 9:30, we are heading for state park in New York called Moreau Lake. This will get us closer to the ferry point at Bridgeport CT. The route to Moreau takes us right through the Adirondacks, and it is a beautiful drive.
Rolling hills,long climbs up the mountains, and lots of quaint little towns. The drive is very familiar as it is the same route that we took last weekend to Rollins Pond last weekend and going beyond this time. 

We stopped at a village called Blue Mountain Lake, a very classic Adironacks village and so much so that the Adirondacks museum is located there. The village roads were lined up with cars because a yearly antique show is on, one exhibiter displayed hand-built Adirondack furniture by the Amish and artifacts from the region, and what surprised us the most was that many of the exhibiters were selling vintage Hudson Bay blankets with the point markings (indicates the number of beaver pelts the blankets were originally sold for).  The blankets were enticing except for the cost, some were up in the $300.+ range. We have two Hudson Bay blankets at home that we bought at sales many years ago which we bought for a steal ($25. & $40) so we were was amazed at what they are worth today. Very outdoorsy displays, lots of mounted deer heads, vintage fishing gear, and lots of assorted hunting knives. A very manly area indeed.

We took some pictures of the lake and some exhibits and then jumped back in the car and headed off.
It was at this point my printed google maps failed me. I have a habit of zeroing in too closely before I print the page, and on the road, this does not help with your orientation... and if you happen to rotate the paper, well then you are heading the wrong way. This is what happened, and before you know it, I am off in the opposite direction. Dale was following our progress on a real map, when she noticed we were going through towns that were not where they were supposed to be. Sure enough, we were on the right highway, but totally in the wrong direction. A quick u-turn, and a lost 1/2 hour, and we were back on track again. The drive is
classic, and just how we like it
Stopped for groceries in Warrensburg, and when we opened the Alto to load the fridge, we discovered the door had flung open and disgourged a lot of the contents. This must have happened early on, as a lot of the coolness was gone from the food. Stuffed everything back in, then on the road again. I will have to look into some sort of gizmo to latch that door tighter. Hopped on the 87 for the last part of the journey, and pulled into the park around 4:30. Good time, considering all the stops we did and the unplanned route change.

A very nice campground. Our site is quite large and very level. Getting in was a bit tricky, as I had to pull in then back up in a very tight confine. This was because where we would have backed in was freshly paved, and there was quite a drop created by the thickness of the new asphalt. I had concerns about ripping something off the Alto, so I came at it from another direction. Dinner is fried chicken and a german potato salad, all picked up at the deli counter... quick and easy, and tasty as well.

Typing all this on our new netbook. We have been planning to get one for a while now, to replace the older and much larger Thinkpad. It has a 10" screen and is very compact. So far, it looks like a good purchase.


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