2012 Vacation Day 8 - Friday: the roar of the lawnchair...

Heading further west this morning on the island to Wildwood State Park. Slowly got packed away, took the opportunity of a quick wash of the Santa Fe and the Alto, as they were getting a little rod weary.
Had a great chat with Gus, we really hit it off. Quite an interesting man, with some awesome stories of New York city and he gave us lots of good tips. He was in Manhattan when the twin towers came down, and he said that was an horrific experience. He was actually managing the construction of a nearby office tower when it happened, and he was up on the 80th floor staring at the towers when the 2nd plane flew in. How unbelievable! His friend Jerry and his wife Judy wandered over, the two couples have been spending the summers at this campsite for many years. They too were very nice and great to chat with.

Pulled out around 11:30 and made our way mostly along Hwy 25. Stopped in Smithtown at a place called Sertino's for a bite to eat. They make a nice panini, and have wifi too. We checked our email, and Dale on a whim queried Trader Joes because she had seen a paper Trader Joes shopping bag on Fire Island, and figured there just might be one on Long Island. Sure enough, there are two, and according to their map, ws literally a few miles away, right on our route. Talk about instant excitement, as we are big fans. Sure enough, just ahead, there it was. It was perfect timing as well, as we had to do our food shopping anyways. Normally when we are visiting my brother, we have to limit our selection to dry goods, but now we were able to sample some of their other more perishable offerings.

Got on our way again, and made it to Wildwood S.P. around 4:30. This is large park, with a huge day use area as well. It even has its own police detachment. Our site is a pull through with full services. Thankfully we are in a well treed area, after the full sun of Battle Row the shade is very welcome. The pull through is paved, so setting up was simple. Not much privacy between sites, there is not a lot of space between everyone.

We soon discovered one of our new neighbours is a very loud guy. His bellowing voice bombards all around him. One of those guys who knows everything and has done everything. As we were setting up, someone in his circle said they thought our trailer looked interesting, to which he bellowed "looks like a tin bug can"...Whatever the hell that may be???  Quite a contrast from our last site, where our neighbour was simply a super nice guy, to this loudmouth. Ummm, should be an interesting stay... we now call him 'Boomer'.

After dark, another sound is also very prevelant. An odd creaky grinding sound, and really loud. Obviously some sort of bug, or perhaps even a bird. Get a whole gang of these things going, which is what happns every night, and it sort of feels like you are in one of those creepy movies, where the incessant sounds eminating from the hot clammy southern bayou slowly drive you insane...
After dark, a new neighbour pulled in, and we immediately thought that this could be Boomer's brother. Now by this time it is around 11:00pm... why do you have to shout as you talk. Clearly oblivious that they are not alone in this campground, thankfully it started to pour and drove these noise makers inside.


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