2012 Vacation Day 12 - Tuesday: winding down...

Off to Fish Creek Pond this morning, our last destination before home. We have planned to cut short our time away by a few nights, as the older of our two cats, Taffy, has been declining in the last few months and finds it harder when we are away so we don't want to be away too many nights in a row.

Woke up early as usual, as it seems our internal alarm clocks do not take many holidays in the course of a year, and definitely not these past couple of weeks.Pretty chilly last night, and the rain helps by adding its own brand of cool dampness. A little hand reached out from under the quilt at about 6:00 and flipped on the heat pump. A first for this trip. When we started, it was so warm the quilt was rarely needed, now it is a necessity, and perhaps the duvet may make an appearance tonight. After coffee, I walked down to the pool area and used the wifi to check the mail and make a few of these blog posts. It turned quite nice as the sun came up over the trees and warmed the little area
by the pool that where I was sitting. It was interesting to see the dark umbrellas start to absorb the heat as well, then release the moisture in the form of steam. A tiny early morning science lesson.

Not much of a drive today so we are getting our act together slowly. The rain has stopped, and things are drying up. The couple next door are up and out of their tent, drying it off with rags to speed up that process. Around 10:00 we finally lowered the roof. The woman next door came over and startd to chat with Dale and I. She saw us lower the roof, and was amazed that this happened. Turns out they have just retired, sold their home, and are looking for both a smaller home base down south, as well as a trailer to roam the country in for extended periods. They have been looking at all sorts of RV's, from motorhomes to 5th wheels. They have come to the conclusion they want a small trailer, but not a tent trailer as they are tired of deaing with wet nylon/canvas, even though they still enjoy their nicely sized LL Bean tent. When they came back from dinner last night and saw us set up beside them, they saw a trailer that suited their needs.

In the morning, when Dale turned on the heat pump, Charlotte mentioned that she had heard it
come on and was instantly envious. We gave her a tour and told her all about the features. Sensing that she was interested, we made made sure to tell her that are uncertain whether the company makes the Alto available outside Canada, as this is the case last year. Her husband came back from the showers and we chatted with him as well. They were very keen, and had lots of questions. He was most curious about the mechanics of the trailer, which is right up my alley. Charlotte was soon asking about which options we chose and why. From talking to them, it was uncanny how our thoughts about retirement,travel,camping and a multitude of other things were so similar. Talking to them was so effortless, which is probably why the 3 hours we chatted felt like 3 minutes. We both said that it is too bad we were not staying an extra night since we would definitely share a campfire together.  Dale gave them an Alto brochure, and wrote our names on the back. We never thought of getting their email address, so Charlotte and Ron, if you happen to come across our blog during your Alto research, drop us a comment with your email address, we would love to hear from you.

Pulled out a little after 1:00. Fish Creek is only a couple of hours away, so it will be a nice drive. We
once again cut cross country, and were rewarded with some lovely views of the Adirondacks. Got into Tupper Lake around 2:30, stopped for some food at the local grocery store, then headed for our site. We grabbed this site pretty last minute before we left, and although it is nice, it does face east, which means you do not have the late afternoon/evening sun. This does make a difference. We plan to scout some western facing site numbers before we leave. The other thing we noticed is that Fish Creek is certainly more open that Rollins, and that makes the sites far more sunny. We are starting to change our thinking a bit, realizing that we may perhaps prefer Fish Creek for its sun and openess.

Dinner this evening is a couple of nice rib eyes, with any leftover salad and fixings to clear out the fridge. Nice to sit out and watch the water as we are eating. A couple of cold beer helped it all go down smoothly.

a great combo... steak and beer

I jumped into the car and headed to the comfort station for a shower and shave. When I pushed open the door to one of the stalls, I saw the coin box, totally forgetting that these showers needed money. I managed to scrounge up 2 American quarters from the car and some other change that in reality would be worthless to the coinbox. Not knowing how much shower time my two measly quarters would buy me, I walked into the shower room and actually found a shower still running. Huge bonus, as I figured even if I was able to grab a couple of extra minutes, I just might be able to pull this off on two quarters. I'm now moving at warp speed, out of my shorts and t-shirts and furiously pulling open my kit and grabbing what I need to get going. Showering like crazy, and the water is still running, the coinbox ticking relentlessly. It never did stop ticking and he water flowed. All clean as a whistle, and my two quarters remain sitting there, unused.

Back at the site, we sat outside for a while until the cool air drove us in. Breaking out the duvet, as
without the luxury of the heat pump, the extra warmth will be needed. Radio guy says it will go down to the uppers 40's, which is certainly brisk. Watched a vid, then turned in.


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