2012 Vacation Day 9 - Saturday: return of the pullcord shower...

Rained all night, and at times it was really hammering down. At least there was no wind, but there was an abundance of lightning and thunder. Boomer did not make an appearance until later in the morning, and his brother has been relatively quiet.
Went for a shower at the comfort station. The building is a little tired and old. The shower stalls are very basic, and low and behold, the return of the pullcord shower. I first encountered this setup in upper NY state, at a private campground ruled by an odd sort of a woman. You can read about that experience in this post here.... Having a pullcord presents an additional challenge as the water only flows when the cord is pulled and held, which reduces the effectiveness of your shower. I can certainly see why a campground would do this, as you really only hear showers running for brief moments at a time, which has to save water.

Looks to be an overcast day today, with occasional showers off and on. This will allow us a relaxing slow moving morning, and this afternoon we will head up the northern coast to it's far eastern point and the town of Greenport. Tomorrow is supposed to be better so we will wait until then to head to the Hamptons and Montauk area.  Followed the 25 through the rural country side and small towns. All along the route was an endless number of wineries and farm produce stands. Certainly seems to have been none of the drought conditions here. Acres upon acres of lush green grape vines stand perfectly in row after row. Everything is green and healthy. One thing we noticed about the vegetable stands is that they all seem to offer roasted corn on the cob. We are so used to boiling our corn that sometimes you forget other methods..

Greensport has a large marina which attracts a lot of boaters and tourists, and has lots of cute shops and eateries. In a little sweet shop we came across bags of saltwater taffy, a very tasty little delicacy wrapped in wax paper. For the most part, we have only come across this candy in the New England states. They are made in many flavours and have such an unusual taste to them. Naturally, some bags of these are also making the trip home.

wonder how old this sign is???
On our way back we took the 48, and we stopped at a public ocean beach called Southhold and beachcombed for some nice round quartz-like stones which were plentiful on the beach. Quite the different beach from the Atlantic side, which is miles of sand and tons of it. This side, small pebbles with some sand. I think we prefer the tons of sand experience.

As we entered our park, we checked out the beach area. It is below some large buffs and there is a long downhill trek to get to the beach. The beach of course is the same pebble/sand combo. Not really many people on the beach, and it had an odd sort of feel to it. Hard to describe, but it just did not seem very appealing.

One other thing we have noticed on Long Island, is the total lack of recycling facilities in the municipal and state parks. Wherever we have been, there seems to have never been any sort of recycling happening. I asked a young guy in a park uniform where the recycling station was and he looked at me like I was out of my mind. Naturally, we find this all a little odd in this day and age, but no doubt there was a decision made somewhere along the line to not offer this service. Sure does seem odd simply throwing out all the articles that we now naturally recycle. Actually, we find it kind of painful.

Foraged the fridge for dinner, then just chilled.


  1. I'm really enjoying reading your blog. The Alto is my dream teardrop. I just bought a Livin Lite Quicksilver 6.0 this May, but my second and last RV will hopefully be an Alto.

    Thank you for sharing your adventures and mods. Many happy trips to come!

    1. Glad you are enjoying our blog. The Alto truly is a dream to own. We have had so many adventures in it, and with the build quality being so high, not only is it our first campers, it will be our last. Just checked out your trailer on their web site. It's very nice looking, and being all aluminum, I think you have found a quality product. Enjoy your adventures, nothing like getting away and exploring.